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Photowall DIY Canvas Print | Product Review

Happy Friday, lovelies! Today I'm excited to share a little project I took on for my office. Since I started working outside the home, it's no longer my "home office." Now, it's more of a creative getaway for writing, blogging, reading, wedding planning, and wine drinking. A "lady cave" of sorts. :) Since the space was used so heavily for my work-from-home job, I've been making little changes to help change up its vibes. Art is one of the easiest ways to do that. Enter Photowall.

Photowall is a Swedish company that offers beautifully designed wall murals and canvas prints. Their products are designed to not fade in sunlight. Plus, they're environmentally friendly and fire-retardant in accordance with Swedish standards. And for bonus points, every time someone buys a product from Photowall, they're helping to plant trees in South Africa

The good folks at Photowall were kind enough to let me pick out a canvas print and try out one of their "build your own" canvas frame kits for myself. I'll admit the process took a lot longer than I expected, but not for the reasons you might think.

First, I couldn't decide what print to order. They have soooo many gorgeous canvas prints. My creative wheels were turning as I tried to decide whether I wanted a print for my bedroom or living room or foyer or maybe even over my desk at the museum where I now work. But when I laid eyes upon this pretty. floral "Find Joy" print with its vibrant colors set against a dark, warm gray... it was love at first sight. I instantly knew I had the perfect spot for it in my "lady cave."

The shipping was quick and the product was well-packaged. The delay comes in where I let it sit on my dining table for more than a few days. You see, I had it in my head that putting together a DIY canvas frame would be difficult. As crafty as I am, I had myself convinced that this was a two-person job that would require special tools and the assistance of my handyman fiance. 

Finally, we both had time on a Sunday afternoon to put this thing together. We got out the tool box, cleared of the kitchen table, and gave the long cardboard box to our grateful cats. Not even ten minutes later, the canvas was put together. You guys, it was so easy. Everything we needed was included. The instructions were super clear. And I totally could have done it all by myself. I felt silly, but that silliness was quickly replaced by glee over my new lovely canvas art.

Step 1: Unpack your rolled-up canvas and DIY frame pieces.

Step 2: Unroll your canvas.

Step 3: Following the instructions, line up the appropriate frame pieces with the corresponding edges of the canvas.

Step 4: Stick your frame pieces to the back of the canvas. (The heavy-duty double-sized tape is already attached!) 
Step 5: Unpack the brackets and other fastening bits. (I'm using very technical jargon, I know.)

Step 6: Four screws and one bracket to a corner.

Step 7: Hold the bracket to the corresponding holes and insert/twist in the screws.

Step 8: We tightened them all loosely, then went back and tightened them up to be secure.

Step 9: Turn over your canvas and... Voila! 

Step 10: Hang it up!

Technically, we haven't yet completed Step 10. Photowall provides a super easy-to-use mount for hanging your canvas print, and I actually have the perfect place to hang it. But we have 100-year-old plaster walls, so we need to make time to drill a proper hole. That's basically where it's going to go, though—hung right over the radiator.

I'm so impressed with Photowall that I'll absolutely be ordering from them in the future. The quality of the canvas print and sturdiness of the frame is so much better than what I've seen in stores for the same price. Plus, you can customize it to whatever size you need and make a fun, easy do-it-yourself project out of it. I promise you can do one of the "build your own" frame kits on your own. :)

And if you really truly can't find an existing design that speaks to you, you can upload your own photo or illustration and Photowall will create a print for you. I'm thinking I might use Photowall for some wedding projects or for getting our wedding photos printed on canvases after the big day.

Want 20% your entire purchase from Photowall? They've generously offered The Lovely Side readers a special discount.

Just use this coupon code: thelovelysidecampaign2018



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