Is your apartment cat-friendly and feline-safe?

Just dropping by to share this infographic with my fellow cat-lovers. It's full of tips to help you make sure that your home is a purrrr-fectly safe and comfortable place for your beloved felines, too. Check it out right meow and I promise to stop with the puns. ;)

Cat Friendly Feline Safe Apartment

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Unknown said...

These were some excellent (and hilarious) tips!
As I'm typing this, my kitty it running around the apartment, rapelling herself off of every piece of furniture, and running into things. She gets the case of the night crazies every single night around this time. I've always wondered why cats do that.
Hope you're staying warm!

A Northern Light

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

My cat Dahlia gets a case of the night crazies every evening, too! She'll run from the bed, through the bedroom, across the front room, and leap up to the top of a chair, then run back down and do it in reverse. Haha. I decided it must be her nightly routine to "maintain her figure." :)

(...my other cat, Cotton, is much to lazy to take on such acrobatics.)