Do-It-Yourself Bed Canopies

Oh, if only each dorm came furnished with a massive, elegant canopy bed à la Marie Antoinette! Dorm beds happen to be a lot less fabulous... in fact, they lean quite toward the drab. My dorm room bed doesn't even come with a headboard! For me, the bed makes the bedroom. And although you are eating, studying, and hanging out in your dorm room... it is most importantly your bedroom. So let's get to work and feature some creative ways to give your bed a romantic canopy. What you'll need to transform student double mattresses into a luxurious crash pad: a few bucks, a lot of fabric, and a little imagination.

Transform your bed into an ethereal, glistening getaway. I love how the Christmas lights glow against the sheer white fabric. All those pillows and the falling leaf bedding makes it sooo cozy. Click here for instructions and more photos of this lighted bed canopy. (from Furniture for Small Spaces, via Off the Wall

The clean lines and fashionable fabric used in this diy canopy make a chic statement. Black and white is classic and I like the touches of pale green. For more photos of this canopy and to see an illustration on how to recreate it, click here. (from The Inspired Room, via Off the Wall)

This is a lovely and unique way to drape fabric over your bed. It also adds a bit of lush green, even if it is fake. ;) Another cute thing about this room's set up: a pretty white chair is being used as an alternative nightstand. For the lowdown on this easy canopy, click here. (from Point Click Home, via Off the Wall)

Oooh la la. This purple canopy is simple and dramatic. The diy'er Meg created it by modifying the black-and-white canopy featured up above. Plus, she made a fantastic video showing you how to do it yourself. Click here to watch the video. Or visit Meg's blog Nest for more photos. (from Threadbanger Decor It Yourself, via Nest)

This is Meg's canopy before switching to the purple one. Which do you like best? (via Nest)

Do you remember being a little kid, gathering up all the blankets you could find, and building your own little fort/tent? That's what this dorm room diy project reminded me of and I totally adore the idea. The sheer blues make the bed a tranquil place to crash. For more info on this canopy, click here. (via Crafster)

I searched high and low for instructions to creating the above romantic canopy, but had trouble navigating the French site from whence it came. But even with out how-to, I decided to share the image just in case you fluent-French-speakers or DIY-queens could figure out how to do it. (from Marie Claire Maison)

Same dilemma with the above mosquito net canopy. If you have any instructions to contribute, let me know. I still had to share it because it looks rather simple and has an old world kind of feel. It must be the gauzy netting and muted but elegant bedding. (from Marie Claire Maison)

The sheer canopy here is suspended using a molding block spray-painted white. Click here for the how-to. (via Lowe's Creative Ideas)

This canopy is a bit more understated than the previous ones. It also takes less fabric and is easier to change. It may be great for those of you who suffer from claustrophobia, but who still want the canopy look. (from Better Homes & Gardens, via All Things G&D)

This is perhaps the easiest and most modern approach to a canopy. Simply hang a tapestry or sheet from the ceiling. (from Domino, via xJavierx)



Blasé said...

I've never seen "Gone With The Wind". I need to get out more!

Peace and Love

Nia said...

Hi Sweety,
I absolutely adore your page. I am also an undergrad so when I saw your page naturally I was curious: ) Little did I know that I would love it so much! :)Keep Up the great work.

The following are some ideas that I have found that I thought you might like:
1) Faux bamboo canopy-


is an image along with the place that you could buy it
but, If you really want to be savy all you need is four bamboo shoots that are typically available at your local craft store; they go for about five bucks, or so a peice. You can also use them as decoration in a cheap glass vase from wal mart,A shower curtain rod, or just as curtain rods.

2)A chandelier made out of coffie filters yarn and ribbon with a wire hoop bought at your local craft store or online for less than $10 and its super pretty! :) pluss home depot/ walmart/ikea should have a single light cord that you can put into it or anything for that matter i.e... a lantern and plug in.

3)That prevous website has tons and tons of creative ideas for decor...Iknow it is for weddings but the ideas in there are nice for every day stuff too. Anyways the hgtx-diy page and there design on a dime show is excellent and I really thing that you could get tons of stuff from there.

Well sweety I have got tons of ideas, way too many to fit so if you ever want any one to brain storm with for new ideas, just hit me up

~Nia Salsania@hotmail.com

Nia said...

Hey again sweety,
Sorry for the errors in my last message but it happened when I type fast and unfortunately I did not realize until after the fact that I could not go back and edit.

Ok so yesterday I was looking for decor ideas and came across so fabulous stuff...so then I tried to figure out how to do it in a dorm, on a budget, & without putting holes it the wall or painting ! So this is what I came up with...
For starters in order to do anything you HAVE to be able to hang stuff up without making wholes so one option is

Magnets & Glue
For non damaging adhesive on tile and other surfaces, use clear rtv silicone. It will hold far better than superglue, and can be removed with ease.
one will have to hold the magnets to the tile overnight with tape for the curing, but it's worth it. I don’t trust brittle superglue holding acetone dissolves superglue. it shouldn't harm tile or concrete walls, so cleanup should be easy. These magnets are rare and strong they are not like refrigerator magnets
Second Idea is to use removable adhesive hooks. You can purchase them at your local hardware store for cheap and they really stick http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j29/niahernandez/Decor/f3fa7faf-af03-4c24-aef4-3e007fbd22c9_400.jpg

ok so the part of that bed you love is a fairly simple concept the trouble is that what ever you do get away with hanging it cant be too heavy so this bed that you love so much is not ideal for the dorm setting, perhaps when you get your own place but, if you have your heart set on that exact bed type it is not very difficult to imitate. I will also give you some beautiful alternatives though.
So the top of this bed can be mimicked by getting three pieces of decorative plaster mouldings http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j29/niahernandez/Decor/wall-decorativeplaster-mouldings.jpg
and spray painting them the gold color or what ever color you want. Next thing.. You need to make a frame like shape out of wood or if you can get your hands on a very sturdy frame, that should suffice too. Next you need to pick out what ever materials or carpeting you would like to use as drapery. Once you have chosen the materials then you need to figure out how you want it all to lay…once you have that figured out then just staple the materials / tassels/ ropes, or what ever to the frame. Hold it up to check and see if the work you have done so far is what you want. Once you are absolutely sure that it is what you want then, as a last step you may use a nail gun to put on, and secure the mouldings in the front and on the lateral sides. Now here is the tricky part on self adhesive foam or glue or magnet of any king will hold that weight so if you really want this type of canopy you have to be willing to pathch up some hole in the wall because only nails and nail brackets will hold that in place. I don’t know if you get random security checks or if they only inspect when you go to move out? But it is something to think about.

Nia said...

I do however, have some nice ideas for anoter type of canopy that is just as beautiful and it does not require any screwing or nailing… : ) lol ok when I re read that it so did not sound right so pardon the pun lol !

Here are some photos to give you an idea of some of the things that I was thinking about:
http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j29/niahernandez/Decor/mwd105616_sum10_doily02_xl.jpg - café filter chandelier

If you like any of the ones above then, I am sure that they can be done without drilling holes and fairly cheaply.

Susan said...

I love bedы with canopy in them even sleeping better feel secure. I want bed on first photo in my bedroom))

Anonymous said...

That looks like a lot of money, to me!
what if you are on a tight budget?

Demoiselle Mystique said...

I really loved your page. Lovely ideas! I plan to do my bedroom in a similar way, with a cute canopy. :D

Dianne Schuch Lindsey said...

At any craft store you can find various size loops. I think they are for embroidery. anyhow if the loop doesn't have an overlap opening and closing, the you can take your fabric and eith put equal amounts inside and out, or put a 3 inch piece piece and sew it directly to the loop.

Dianne Schuch Lindsey said...

At any craft store you can find various size loops. I think they are for embroidery. anyhow if the loop doesn't have an overlap opening and closing, the you can take your fabric and eith put equal amounts inside and out, or put a 3 inch piece piece and sew it directly to the loop.

Mia Luke said...

Sounds like something I could embroider and I'm only 11!!

chelsea said...

Hi where on the Marie Claire Maison website did you find that net? I would love to do this idea but the website is hard to navigate.

chelsea said...

Hi where on the Marie Claire Maison website did you find that net, I would love to recreate this look but I have no idea where to get started on the website. Thanks!

Kristi Whitaker said...

Here are some canopy's and netting for sale on eBay.

Michelle said...

Hey, Nia

Love, Love, Love your canopy ideas from the Lovely undergrad website! I was wondering how you were able to achieve these awesome looks without drilling holes in the wall?