September 19, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Bed Canopies

Oh, if only each dorm came furnished with a massive, elegant canopy bed à la Marie Antoinette! Dorm beds happen to be a lot less fabulous... in fact, they lean quite toward the drab. My dorm room bed doesn't even come with a headboard! For me, the bed makes the bedroom. And although you are eating, studying, and hanging out in your dorm room... it is most importantly your bedroom. So let's get to work and feature some creative ways to give your bed a romantic canopy. What you'll need to transform student double mattresses into a luxurious crash pad: a few bucks, a lot of fabric, and a little imagination.

Transform your bed into an ethereal, glistening getaway. I love how the Christmas lights glow against the sheer white fabric. All those pillows and the falling leaf bedding makes it sooo cozy. Click here for instructions and more photos of this lighted bed canopy. (from Furniture for Small Spaces, via Off the Wall

The clean lines and fashionable fabric used in this diy canopy make a chic statement. Black and white is classic and I like the touches of pale green. For more photos of this canopy and to see an illustration on how to recreate it, click here. (from The Inspired Room, via Off the Wall)

This is a lovely and unique way to drape fabric over your bed. It also adds a bit of lush green, even if it is fake. ;) Another cute thing about this room's set up: a pretty white chair is being used as an alternative nightstand. For the lowdown on this easy canopy, click here. (from Point Click Home, via Off the Wall)

Oooh la la. This purple canopy is simple and dramatic. The diy'er Meg created it by modifying the black-and-white canopy featured up above. Plus, she made a fantastic video showing you how to do it yourself. Click here to watch the video. Or visit Meg's blog Nest for more photos. (from Threadbanger Decor It Yourself, via Nest)

This is Meg's canopy before switching to the purple one. Which do you like best? (via Nest)

Do you remember being a little kid, gathering up all the blankets you could find, and building your own little fort/tent? That's what this dorm room diy project reminded me of and I totally adore the idea. The sheer blues make the bed a tranquil place to crash. For more info on this canopy, click here. (via Crafster)

I searched high and low for instructions to creating the above romantic canopy, but had trouble navigating the French site from whence it came. But even with out how-to, I decided to share the image just in case you fluent-French-speakers or DIY-queens could figure out how to do it. (from Marie Claire Maison)

Same dilemma with the above mosquito net canopy. If you have any instructions to contribute, let me know. I still had to share it because it looks rather simple and has an old world kind of feel. It must be the gauzy netting and muted but elegant bedding. (from Marie Claire Maison)

This canopy is similar to previous two French ones, so maybe by checking out its instructions you'll have something to go on. The sheer canopy here is suspended using a basket case spray-painted white. Click here for the how-to. (via Lowe's Creative Ideas)

And here's a closer look. (via Lowes Creative Ideas)

This canopy is a bit more understated than the previous ones. It also takes less fabric and is easier to change. It may be great for those of you who suffer from claustrophobia, but who still want the canopy look. (from Better Homes & Gardens, via All Things G&D)

This is perhaps the easiest and most modern approach to a canopy. Simply hang a tapestry or sheet from the ceiling. (from Domino, via xJavierx)


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