Living Room / Dining Area / Kitchen

Orange Sofa - Craigslist | Rug, pouf, table under window, round pillow, curtains - Target | Arm chair, suitcase, typewriter case, ice cream parlor chair, copper heater - antique stores | Blankets, tray - Walmart | Square pillows - Family Dollar | Of Monsters and Men lyric canvases - DIY


Purple tv cabinet, bar cart, record holder (actually a kitchen lid rack spray-painted copper), basket - Target | Crossley turntable - Books-a-Million | Lamp base and lamp shade - Family Dollar | Gone with the Wind prints - Etsy | Roy Lichtenstein-inspired print, large floral canvas art, deer silhouette - DIY | Vintage gold glasses - antique store | Vodka, gin, brandy - Cedar Ridge Vineyards in Swisher, IA | Crate - belonged to my grandpa years and years ago, found it in his garage

Renter-friendly removable wallpaper - Chasing Paper | Deer head - Target | Brick rug - FoFlor Photo Real Rugs | Green retro chairs - garage sail

Vintage fan, vintage clock radio - antique stores | Blue portable grill, picnic basket, kettle, bread box, canisters - Target | Copper tiles - Goodwill | Wall decal - Cozy Wall Art | Paint chip canvases - DIY



Chair, toolbox - antique store | Wooden table - hand-me-down | Shower curtain - Deny Designs | Amore letter sign - gift shop back in my hometown | Window drapes - Target


Iron headboard (spray painted red) - furniture store in my hometown | Floral quilt - TJ Maxx | Green velvet pillows, bookcase, magazine files, red comforter, drapes - Target | Green and red pillows - Dollar Store | Burlap pillows - Etsy | Chair, desk chair - antique shops | Plaid blanket - Walmart | Renter friendly removable wallpaper - Chasing Paper

Desk - Ikea find on Craigslist, painted | Blue electrical insulators, typewriter - antique store | Baskets, 'It Is What It Is' canvas, floral drapes - Target


  1. I love your apartment setting. What I like is the uber pretty personalisation.
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  2. Can't wait to see what you have done with your seeing other peoples spaces and decor! :)

  3. love the chair... thrifted finds are the best! definitely jealous of this one!

    xo Jessica

  4. I love all the color that you used in your apartment

  5. i loooooove what you have done.... my room needs some major help...

  6. i absolutely love your blog!! I am in a vintage room phase so i came upon this blog and you gave me some really great ideas!! do you by any chance know where i can get vintage beds?? i can't find them anywhere in local antique/vintage stores:(

  7. So, I stumbled across your blog and was gong through, and saw a post about your chair from One Man's Junk, and was like, huh, there's a One Man's Junk in my hometown. Then, later, when I was perusing this page, I saw the Cafe Milo punch card and realized that it's the same One Man's Junk. It's always fun to find a fellow blogger from Iowa! I'm definitely in love with yours!

  8. Oh my gosh the paint strips are AWESOME. I need these in my life, like, yesterday.

  9. I love your bedroom in your apartment, please show the rest :)

  10. I loved your use of turquoise and yellow/gold in the first place but then in your second it looks like you wanted something a bit more earthy and subdued.

    Did you grow tired of the brightness of the first place? I'm wondering because I am considering a very similar color scheme as your first place now. Regardless, both are gorgeous.

  11. lovely apartment :)


  12. wow girll im proud of you !! lovedd it !

  13. Loving the colours! I have the same metal chair as you (the blue one)! I painted mine gold ;)



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