Autumn's Simple Pleasures

Charmed by life's simple pleasures, I relish in the small things.  Here are four fall favorites.

As much as I adore boots, I love a sudden warm day that allows me to wear cute flats and jeans cuffed at the ankle one more time.  Also, I can't deny the delightful crunch of leaves underfoot. 

Sharing coffee with Leo Tolstoy.  I'm attempting to read Anna Karenina before the movie (starring Keira Knightley) comes out November 16th.  (I know. One month is quite the crunch for this classic.)

My bed nook is so bright and cheery in the morning.  Better yet, it's ridiculously cozy at night with the strand lights turned on. 

Rainy fall days are my favorite.  The tree in front of our house has burst into a gorgeous shade of fiery orange.  It stands out beautifully on a damp street under a dreary sky.  


Shelby said...

Love your pictures:) Fall is by far my favorite season!

Camille said...

Love! Fall is my favorite season by far. I can't get enough of it! :)