Style Cure Day 6 | Picking Colors

Day 6 of Style Cure is all about color! Check out the post over at Apartment Therapy to learn about warm colors, cool colors, black and white, neutrals, the 80/20 rule, and putting colors to use. 

I'm not sticking to a super strict color scheme, but rather drawing inspiration from the things that I already own and will be using in my bedroom decor. My main inspiration comes from my bedding quilt, which is a floral pattern full of bold red, fresh green, and cream... mixed with some yellows and oranges. I'm focusing in on that cherry red and yellow green since I love pairing the two together in a non-Christmasy way. Plus, all of my furniture and walls are cream, so I'll be using a lot of ivory whites as well. For good measure, I have to throw my favorite color in there: turquoise. Since the colors of my quilt are predominately warm (even the green has a golden warmth to it!) I'll be adding splashes of cool teal. 

If you struggle with choosing colors for your space, give the Let's Learn About Color article a read. If you have additional questions or want a second opinion, please tweet @TheLovelySide or leave a comment on The Lovely Side's Facebook page. I LOVE to discuss color and I'd love to help you. :)  

What's your favorite color to decorate with?

P.S. I just noticed that my bedroom colors will kinda-sorta mimic the colors of this blog. ;) What a coincidence! 

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