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Whether you're interning, working full-time, or job searching, you can never get enough workplace wardrobe inspiration. Business casual doesn't equal boring. Professional doesn't mean stuffy. New on The Lovely Side, we'll be spotlighting how young professionals, college students, and interns dress for work – combining office-friendly elements, chic style, and elements of their own personality.

Today we're featuring Shelby Converse, an assistant house manager for a theatre and the blogger behind A College Theatre Dork. Shelby's go-to clothing items for her position at the theatre include:

Classy Skirts
Skirts of acceptable lengths are must-haves for any young professional or interview-goer. Keep hems classy. (The office isn't a place for showing off skin.) 

Dark or Nude Tights
These also help keep an outfit office appropriate. Plus, they'll keep your legs cozy in cool spaces.

Bright Blouses
Working in the performing arts industry, a little drama (in the form of bold color) is a good thing!

Chic Jackets
Shelby has a go-to black blazer, but she's been switching it up with a dark tweed jacket lately as well.

Fast Flats
On days when she's going to be running around a lot, comfy flats are essential.

Power Heels
Heels lend their height (and a little extra sub-conscious respect from patrons) to Shelby's role. 

Black Basics
Shelby's favorite work outfit consisted of black skinny trousers, a black top, and a pinstriped vest under her go-to black jacket. (The pinstripes really popped!) With all that head-to-toe black, you'd think she was taking a cue from the tech crew – except she stood out in the front of house rather than blended into the backstage darkness.

Thanks for sharing, Shelby!

To shop for the items I used in creating Shelby's wardrobe set, check it out on Polyvore here.

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