Giveaway: Win this dry-erase chore chart from Roommate Harmony (Closed)

I love to-do lists. I don't always love the to-dos that fill them up, but I do enjoy checking, crossing, and erasing them off as I complete them. Living on my own, there's no one to tell me to do the dishes, put away laundry, or clean the bathroom except... well, me.

Roommate Harmony sent me over this nifty dry-erase chore chart to try out – and giveaway (but more on that later). For me, this is a great way to organize my many weekly to-dos. When I come home from work, I often want to eat an easy supper and spend the rest of my evening playing with the cats, reading a good book, or binge-watching Netflix... or some combination of those. But I sometimes have work, blogging, or writing to do. And the last thing I want to do is wash dishes or vacuum Cotton's massive amounts of fur.

I usually end up squeezing all my cleanup chores into a Thursday night or Friday afternoon. And often, that gets old. Especially when a friend invites me out to dinner or it's perfect spray-painting weather outside. With this chore chart, I can spread out my tasks in a way that works for me. And since it's dry erase, I can modify that task list week to week. Plus, there are handy magnets on the back for hanging this in plain view on the fridge (or in my case, the side of my stove).

So if you live on your own like me, this chore chart is a great solution for flexible scheduling of those must-do, hate-to-do weekly to-dos.

However, the best part about this board is how it can be used in a shared dorm or apartment. Instead of labeling chores by day, you can label them by roommate. That's the real, brilliant idea behind Roommate Harmony. It can prevent awkward conversations, passive-aggressive post-it notes, and nasty fridge situations.

If you've lived with roommates, you've probably got a horror story. One of mine is from when I lived with two girls, both younger than me by a few years. They were ridiculous about cleaning. The two of them came up with a system of rotating weeks. Each week, one of us would be assigned to clean the kitchen, bathrooms, or living room area. It seems fine in theory. However, they had a penchant for making a mess of whatever area wasn't theirs to clean that week. One girl even left raw meet on the kitchen counter because it "wasn't her week to do the kitchen." Ugh. Another roommate locked his cats out of his room (and away from the litter box) when he had his lady friend over. One night I had friends over, smelled something horrible, and discovered his cat had #2'd in the corner of the living room. He left it there for days and eventually I took care of it. I mostly felt sorry for the kitties.

Talking about divvying up chores can be awkward at best and confrontational at worst. The chore chart is a nice launching pad. It's something physical to write you and your roommates' names on, have a friendly conversation about chores, and cross them off throughout the week. A peaceful apartment is a happy apartment, after all.

On their mission to promote improve the shared living experience, Roommate Harmony is giving one lucky The Lovely Side reader a FREE dry-erase chore chart. (Trust me, you'll love this even if you live alone like I do.)

To learn more about the chore chart and check out some of their other products, visit Roommate Harmony online.

There are multiple ways to enter by sharing your roommate horror stories, checking out other products, and connecting with Roommate Harmony via social media. Enter below:

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Anonymous said...

Love this idea! I once had a suite-mate who only new how to cook 3 things: pasta, fish, and chocolate chip cookies (from the freezer...). So the apartment CONSTANTLY smelled like fish. Gag. That, and she would never wash her own dishes. She also acted like a toddler when it came to chores of any kind, so I'm pretty sure she was never taught how to do anything for herself... Glad I live on my own now!

thatonegirlkatie said...

I love the personalized food stickers! my roommates and I have a tendency to get so confused on who's is what in our fridge, and the stickers would help with that so much!

thatonegirlkatie said...

As for my roommate horror story, I had a roommate when I lived in my campus's residence halls who never. picked. ANYTHING. up. She would leave her things everywhere, to the point where they'd be overflowing into my half of the room, and wouldn't do anything about it, so I had to be the bigger person and put it all back on her side of the room. She also (at least once that I knew of!) ate my food without asking, and when you're a broke college student, it's hard to share!

Anonymous said...

Love the new pictures you added! Now that I can see it up close, I am definitely loving the chore chart. Although those food stickers are almost making me wish I had a roommate just so I would have a use for them...

Anonymous said...

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