Giveaway: 'Everybody Rise' by Stephanie Clifford + $50 BaubleBar gift card (Closed)

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Is your stack of summer reads running out? Is your beach bag suddenly lighter for lack of reading material? Luckily, it's time for another book giveaway here on The Lovely Side. One lucky winner will receive a copy of Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford, plus a $50 BaubleBar gift card! This giveaway is open to US addresses only. Prizing and samples are provided by St. Martin's Press.

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About the Book

It's 2006 in the Manhattan of the young and glamorous. Money and class are colliding in a city that is about to go over a financial precipice and take much of the country with it. At 26, bright, funny and socially anxious Evelyn Beegan is determined to carve her own path in life and free herself from the influence of her social-climbing mother, who propelled her through prep school and onto the Upper East Side. Evelyn has long felt like an outsider to her privileged peers, but when she gets a job at a social network aimed at the elite, she's forced to embrace them.

Recruiting new members for the site, Evelyn steps into a promised land of Adirondack camps, Newport cottages and Southampton clubs thick with socialites and Wall Streeters. Despite herself, Evelyn finds the lure of belonging intoxicating, and starts trying to pass as old money herself. When her father, a crusading class-action lawyer, is indicted for bribery, Evelyn must contend with her own family's downfall as she keeps up appearances in her new life, grasping with increasing desperation as the ground underneath her begins to give way.

Bracing, hilarious and often poignant, Stephanie Clifford's debut offers a thoroughly modern take on classic American themes - money, ambition, family, friendship - and on the universal longing to fit in.

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About the Author

Stephanie Clifford is a Loeb-award winning New York Times reporter who has covered business, media and courts for the paper. She grew up in Seattle and graduated from Exeter and Harvard. As she covered the financial crisis's impact on consumers, she observed that large-scale new wealth hasn't done away with class hierarchy in the U.S.-it's increased anxiety over it. Clifford is also a regular guest on NPR and has appeared on Today, CBS This Morning and Dr. Oz.

Praise for Everybody Rise

“A masterful tale of social climbing and entrenched class distinctions, as seen through the eyes of an outsider who desperately wants in. Tense, hilarious, and bursting with gorgeous language. Stephanie Clifford is a 21st-century Edith Wharton.” – J. Courtney Sullivan, New York Times bestselling author of The Engagements

“Full of ambition and grit. The pace is quick, and Clifford provides sharp-eyed access to a moneyed world and its glamorous inhabitants.” – Emma Straub, New York Times bestselling author of The Vacationers

“A superb debut. EVERYBODY RISE is a 21st-century version of a grand 19th-century novel—a smart, moving tale of class, ambition, and identity.” – Malcolm Gladwell

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Olivia said...

Hm. Sounds like an interesting plot. Will definitely borrow this at the library!

Regina said...

Gah, I love your giveaways and I LOVE St. Martin's Press! This book sounds fun. I would absolutely love to curl up with a book the luxurious in the luxurious FDR Library and Museum in New York! Thanks for hosting another amazing giveaway. :-)

Carolyn said...

I would love to be motivated enough to build one of those 'book nooks' that are all over Pinterest all the time, and then cuddle up with this book.

Emily Smith said...

I would love the Crescent Pendant with my sons' initials on it.

Unknown said...

I'm not too fancy so I'd love to read while getting a pedi and foot massage. :D

Colleen Boudreau said...

I would get the Molly Y-Chain.

Priscilla S. said...

I would love to get the Oz Ear Jackets.

katygmorris said...

This book looks great. I love that the NY transplant doesn't adjust and conquer the island in three weeks! LOL! I'd love to curl up with this book at a weeklong spa stay poolside!

Kim H. said...

I would love to curl up in a lush spa in the Maldives!

MJ Moore said...

I'd love to relax with a good book at a luxe beach resort!

Manda said...

I would buy a new necklace

Unknown said...

I would love to curl up in a vineyard vacation home in Spain and have a mug of hot cider right beside me (sooo ready for the fall season)