10 Desk Options for Small Spaces

A good desk space has always been an important part of where I live. A writer simply needs a desk, right? As a kid and teenager, my desk was where I wrote stories. In college, it's where I did homework and NaNoWriMo. Today, it's where I blog, write creatively, and sometimes work. Whether you need it for homework, creative work, or remote work, a desk is important. But sometimes, it's just so hard to set up a nice desk space in a dorm, studio, or tiny apartment. Unless, of course, you take a cue from some of these:

1. Wall Mounted Desks
Floating Desk with Storage, White | Overstock, $145
Mounted on the wall, these desks offer a bit of storage and a work top... all of which folds up and tucks away when not in use. There are lots of DIY tutorials for these, but they're not expensive to buy either.

2. Murphy Desks
DIY Murphy Desk | Shanty 2 Chic (Free Printable Plans!)
I love these murphy desks ever since they started popping up on Pinterest. They hang on the wall like a cabinet and unfold into a great workspace. Plus, the underside can be upgraded to show off art or made even more functional with a chalkboard. Whether you want to buy or DIY, this is an easy and affordable way to go.

3. Floating Desks
DIY Corbel Desk for $85 | Shanty 2 Chic
Basically, these floating desks are an oversized, glorified shelf. I've seen them really simple (like, a shelf and brackets) and I've seen fancier DIY versions (like this one, which incorporates corbels). Either way, it's a place to sit down and open your laptop without losing floor space.

4. Small Secretaries
Refurbished Secretary | Lifeflix
I love small, vintage secretaries. They're just the right size for laptops and provide a bit more storage space than your usual writing desk. Plus, you can fold it up and keep your work out of sight/out of mind when you need to.

5. Tall Secretaries 
Antique Secretary Hutch | Past Present and Patina
Need a bit more storage space? Go vertical with a taller secretary. Though narrow, the vertical shelving and cabinets give you some room to stow books, office supplies, and other items. 

6. Corner Desks
Corner Computer Desk | Overstock, $99
Corners so often become little spots of wasted space. Take advantage of an unused corner by putting a perfectly sized desk there. I love that this one has a few little shelves underneath for more storage so that the desktop can stay clutter-free.

7. Closet Desks
Closet Office | Apartment Therapy
I had a closet office in my last apartment and I absolutely loved it. Especially for working on my novel, it felt perfectly cozy and secluded. I found myself less distracted and more productive sitting in that little nook. And if I had a spare closet, I would do this again in a heartbeat. 

8. Bedside Desk
Bedside Desk | Domino
Can't let go of the idea of a real, full-sized desk? Consider putting the desk on double-duty as a desk and nightstand. As a teen living with my parents, I had this arrangement for a while. And for someone who wakes up in the middle of the night with a sudden writing idea, it was so convenient to roll out of bed and type out my idea on the laptop... and then roll back into bed with minimal effort.

9. Foot-of-the-Bed Desk
Altra Parsons Desk | Overstock, $63
Here's a similar setup that would work if you lack space on the sides of your bed, but have plenty of room at the foot. Pull up a parsons style desk and plug in. I really like this option for dorms and studio apartments, as the desk can also serve as a type of "space divider" between the bed area and rest of the room.

10. Teeny-Tiny Desk
Small Desk | Apartment Therapy
If all else fails, there are plenty of super small desks out there. They're just big enough for your laptop... but so much better than a lap desk. This one is cleverly tucked into a corner, too, to take advantage of wasted space. Tiny is better than nothing!

Have you ever lived in a space where it was a struggle to setup a good desk area? 


Shelby said...

Right now, I have a barely 250 sq. ft. studio apartment which I love and have crammed my life into perfectly when I first moved it. Nine months later, the only thing missing is a good writing desk!

While I do have a craft table/altar space built into a wall, it is not laptop friendly (or pen and paper friendly either). The only real option I have right now is my bed - which is starting to bother my wrists.

Sigh! I love some of these suggestions but I have such small, low space left, I don't know if I will ever find a desk to fit.

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