Color Inspiration: I'm looking for something in red

When I was little, I was obsessed with the song "I'm Looking for Something in Red" by Lorrie Morgan. My mom watched the country music station a lot and whenever this video came on, I came running. (I even named my Barbie doll Lorrie... partly in honor of this song, partly because of my other obsession with the musical Oklahoma!

I still love this song to this day. Watching Lorrie sing as she sifts through a trunk full of dresses... it brings back all those magical memories from my Barbie-playing days. And gahhh! When at last she comes around to "look for something in red" it just gets so dramatic. (Seriously, can we get a modern singer to do a cover of this song and bring it back?!)

Like Lorrie, I usually "gotta have something in red." Blame it on my mom and grandma for loving the color and instilling that love in me, but it's a go-to color for decorating, dressing, and applying lipstick. 

These are the red details that I'm loving lately in interiors and beyond:
This linen + burlap + red stripe and floral combination is just so charming.

I need these shoes in my life. 

I adore the fancy design on this simple candle jar.
(I'm betting it smells heavenly, too!)

A Lacey Perspective
Nothing quite like a full, silky, ladylike red skirt!
*Heart Eyes*

And this.
If this is a still from a historical period drama,
I need to know so I can track it down and binge watch it now.

Do you adore red?

And more importantly,
do I have any Lorrie Morgan fans in the house?!

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