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The Suspend(s) is Killing Me!

So I have a little confession to make.  I have a serious attraction to guys in suspenders.  I can't quite put my finger on the reason... Is it the vintage flavor?  The throwback to more pulled-together, refined men's fashion of bygone eras?  Could it be the just-nerdy-enough that it's sexy look?  Well, whatever the reason... I'm coming out with my strange little swoon-trigger and sharing some seriously classy eye candy with you.  So before the suspense suspend(s) kills ya, on with the show!

The tiny gingham print, skinny tie, and glasses on this guy?!  Too cute.  ^He's just too cute.

Okay, so maybe there's only a glimpse of suspenders here... but I'm digging those^ shoes, too.

Mmm mmm mmm. ^Looking classic and cool with leather suspenders, denim shirt, and cardigan.

Yes, please.

This^ fellow is too adorable for words. 

And here's a whole gang^ of heartbreakers.  

The scruff is what really compliments this^ guy's suspenders.  

Same with this^ dude.  Classy.

Skinny suspenders?  ^He's laying it on thick with the style.

So I'm the only one that swoons at the sight of a well-dressed man in suspenders?  Surely not!  Confess right now, ladies!


Lovely pictures! And no, you're not the only one who loves guys in suspenders. Glee reminded me of men in vests - they can look cool(especially if the guy looks a bit like Will Schuester) :D
Shelby said…
suspenders, yes (Doctor Who, anyone?) but vests even more!
H. Grace said…
Hmmm...It is cute in theory. My biggest turn off though is when men take longer than me to get ready and I think with the hair and the suspenders these boys just might be bordering into that territory. I do love the guy in the more formal suspenders. I love a man in a suit.
Jessica Hansen said…
Yesss, vests are very good things, too! :)
Jessica Hansen said…
I just recently watched my first-ever episode of Doctor Who... but if you're telling me there's lotsa suspenders, I have another reason to keep watching!
Jessica Hansen said…
Totally know where you're coming from there! Although for me, it definitely depends on the guy. I've known guys who took forrrrever to get ready... and yet they still looked liked they'd just rolled outta bed and threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I've also known a few fellas who are ready in a snap and literally just throw stuff on... but they turn out looking sooo dapper!

I LOVE a man in a suit, too. :) More men need to suit up on a regular basis! lol.
Megan C. Stroup said…
My guy worked at a Men's Wearhouse, so he's all into clothes and he definitely rocks the suspenders. I love it!
Definitely - I have suspenders as well, but I didn't know how to wear them. But now I know! Yay. Please check out my blog - I'm also into crafting, reading, fashion (though not on my blog) and photographing. :)
Chrystina said…
I agree. There's absolutely something about suspenders. Maybe the Urkel/Stephan transformation planted this in our head from childhood?


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