Flannel Friday: 8 Ways to Style a Fall Favorite

Not that I need another excuse to wear flannel, but Flannel Fridays just might be my favorite new tradition.  Besides finding pleasure in slipping into one of my many flannel tops, I really enjoy seeing everyone else out and about in their soft, plaid, checkered, cozy shirts.  Don't turn your nose up to the lumberjack style.  Check out these eight ways to style a flannel shirt.  You can thank me later... after you're done chowing down on a stack of pancakes and chopping down trees.

This is my favorite way to wear my favorite colorful flannel shirt.  (Mine has more turquoises, corals, and mustard hues to it... but this blue, gold, red one is gorgeous!)  Layer the shirt over a plain white v-neck tee, denim jacket, and black skinny jeans.  If it's warm enough, I like to roll up the ankles of my skinnies to show off camel-toned leather flats.  Accessorize with a bright scarf, key necklace, and slouchy bag.

Yes, flannel has a very country feel.  Don't fight it.  Embracing it doesn't mean you end up looking like a cowgirl.  Wear a thick, cozy flannel shirt like this red and neutral one over a slouchy white tank.  Go for sleek, modern, very-dark-toned skinny jeans to keep the outfit fresh instead of fresh off the farm.  Keep your neck warm with a cute, caramel-hued crocheted scarf.  For kicks, wear a pair of western-inspired boots.  Accessorize with a trendy leather watch, wooden jewelry, and a simple crossbody bag in a bold color like this red one.

Now here's a fun, fresh way to wear flannel.  Think outside the typical lumberjack box by pairing a bold color and black flannel shirt with bright colors.  Hot pink skinny jeans, emerald green Toms, and a highlighter-hued scarf spice up this black and electric blue flannel.  Tone the brights down just a bit with a gray tee, neutral tote, and understated jewelry. 

Flannel works great for a comfy, cozy, cabin-in-the-woods feel.  I love the look of this soft green flannel layered under a darker green cardigan... especially cinched at the waist with a gray leather belt.  A pair of rugged, lightwash jeans add a little rough-around-the-edges in all the right places.  Add some femininity with a fluttery, floral scarf and soft leather clutch.  Then balance out the frills with gray biker boots and deer jewelry. 

I love the romantic look of unexpected, slightly rugged layers.  Start with a pair of patterned black tights and a simple denim dress.  Belt the dress at the waist with a thick corset-inspired leather belt.  Layer a cozy flannel and neutral-toned floral scarf over the dress.  Layer wool socks and two-toned riding boots over the tights.  Accessorize with eclectic things: an army green crossbody bag, a vintage necklace, a rough-cut stone ring, and a leopard-print watch.  So chic.

Who knew flannel could look so classy?  It can when you stick with a two-toned, unfussy shirt like this basic black and ivory top.  Wear it with a pair of dark, colored skinnies like this forest green pair.  The shoes are really what ups the class with this look, so go with simple, ladylike ballet flats in a color that coordinates with your flannel.  (I'm drooling over these spectator-pump reminiscent flats!)  Add a girly, lacy scarf for a soft, feminine touch and a classic black watch with simple jewelry.  Lastly, throw on a crossbody bag in a bright hue like this fabulous crimson purse!

Another great way to wear a flannel shirt is underneath a beautiful sweater... letting the collar, sleeves, and bottom edge peek out from the sweater.  So cute!  Wear the flannel and sweater with a pair of just-distressed-enough skinny jeans and rugged booties with wool socks in a coordinating color peeking out over the boot tops.  Accessorize with cute glasses, a vintage necklace, a unique watch (like this owl one!), and a simple, statement-making tote.

Lastly, we're getting a bit more woodsy and playing off the blue, turquoise, and forest green tones of this comfy flannel shirt by wearing it over a chocolate brown three-quarter-sleeve tee and burnished gold corduroy skinnies.  Add adorable hiking-inspired boots with patterned socks in colors pulled from the flannel. Accessorize with a deep teal scarf, turquoise crossbody bag, and western-inspired jewelry featuring turquoise stones. 

Do you love flannel as much as I do?  How do you wear your flannel shirts?


Shelby said...

Outfit #7 was right on the money for me! They are all nice but I really want to wear that sweater right now...darn dance classes, making me dress more practical!

Anonymous said...

i am absolutely in love with all of these outfits! but i think 6 is my favorite!!

Mmmm said...

These flannel shirts are lovely! Are they by Superdry?

Mmmm said...

Those flannel shirts are all super lovely. Are they by Superdry?

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can share the source for that last pair of boots? They're to die for.

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