Oh Deer. Have I never before mentioned how I fawn over does and bucks?!

I don't know who did it, but someone told Target my dirty little secret.  That I'm impossibly, severely, obsessively smitten with deer... and have been for about five years. Especially white porcelain deer.  I swoon, squeal, and altogether fawn over them.  (Fawn! Heh--get it?!)  But really.  This is serious.  I walked into Target for a casual little stroll about the store tonight.  And never have I had to forcefully remove myself from the decorating aisle.  I practiced some serious self control there, folks.  These darling deer were all meant for me!  The big deer head.  The little deer figurines.  The deer candle holder.  The deer plate.  *sigh* I'm so very swept off of my feet by Target right now.

Then I snooped around the web for other lovely deer things.  (Why do I torture myself?!)  I'm head-over-heels for the pillow with a doe-in-a-gown and buck-in-a-tux waltzing. How romantic!  The deer watch had me hello.  The deer bedding has me rethinking my decor.  The deer head wine stopper is to-die-for.  The antler jewelry!  The adorable deer sweatshirt!  The antler mug!  And even fair isle undies with tiny little deer all over them?!  I'm so overwhelmed and enthralled right now. 


Oh, deer.  Oh, deer.  Oh, deer.


Anonymous said...

So I'm from the South where people hunt and have legitimate deer heads on the walls of their houses red neck style. I'm not so much into that, but I'm totally into the kind of deer stuff your talking about. Haha. Once I tried to explain to someone that I liked deer, but only the classy, chic kind...and they just looked at me like I was crazy. I'm glad to know that someone else gets it :) I love the white porcelain ones too!

Camille said...

Love it! Deer are so cute. :)

Brittany said...

How funny! I literally JUST got home from Target and saw allll the deer cuteness. I already own a sparkly champagne colored deer (like the one in their decorating aisle). Did you check out the ornaments? There are some pretty adorable (and affordable) ones that could be turned into figurines if you just snipped off their hangers!

Brittany said...

So funny! I was just at Target and I browsed through all these deer! Did you see all the deer ornaments too? I bet you could buy one and snip off the hanger to make it into a figurine. They are more affordable!

Heather in DE said...

Hi from a new(ish) follower... Not only did I loooove the recent post about flannel styles (something I'm currently contemplating), but this is so great! I'm in Germany and the amount of adorable deer stuff in the stores now is out of hand... I picked up a great porcelain stag dish a few months ago and am currently trying to resist ordering it's matching doe counterpart. If only we had Target here so I could pick up some of these too!

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