Home for the Holiday: Turkey, Antiques, BBQ, + Family Time

Having not been home since my cousin's wedding clear back on September 1st, I had been looking forward to Thanksgiving for weeks. Though my hometown's only a 1.5 hour drive from where I currently live, I don't always make it home as often as I like.  Adalae greeted me upon arrival and didn't leave my side for a good hour.  Isn't that a sweet face?!

I also came home to find that Christmas had exploded in my parents' house.  You see, my mom would put Mrs. Claus to shame.  This is just one of the trees that goes up every year.  And this is just a tree.  Don't even get me started on all the festive Christmas decor strewn about the house.  Io (under the tree) thinks all the decorations were put out especially for her...

I spent Thursday evening stuffing myself, laughing, and hanging out with my family, cousins, aunts, and uncles at Grandma's house.  We did it all again on Friday until the leftovers were all used up.  I am all turkey'ed out. 

Since yesterday was Small Business Saturday, my hometown held a Christmas Walk.  Shoppers browse/shop a bunch of different local businesses and at each location get to enter a drawing for a big cash giveaway.  My grandma, mom, one of my sisters, and I went.  (Oh, how I'd love for one of us to win the $500 or $250 or even $100.  I'm sure we could burn through it real fast at the book store or antique shop.)  In the meantime, I bargain hunted for fun jewelry.  The old community theatre (where I once performed in plays) has been turned into an antique shop.  I scored the treasures up above for super cheap.  The little leather-band watch was a whopping $3.  On the far right, I'm showing off the three rings I bought---two for $5, one for $3.  (In the middle is just the collection of rings that I like to wear on a daily basis... often one on each finger.)

I can't visit my hometown without grabbing a bite at my favorite BBQ joint!  After all that turkey, stuffing, and Thanksgiving cuisine... nothing sounded better than barbeque.  (Well, maybe Mexican.  Maybe.)  I met up with an old friend I hadn't seen in years and indulged in hot wings and curly fries.  Yum. Yum. Yum.  Afterward, I walked down the street to my favorite coffee shop for a cup of joe.  Then I visited my newlywed cousin's first house!  It's so cute and she's turning it into such a well-decorated home.  ...The girl's got taste. :)

Finally, I spent Saturday evening cozied up at my parents' place.  After pizza, my mom, two sisters, and I gathered around the kitchen table with our laptops to Facebook, browse Pinterest, and share funny animal memes.  Yes, that's some quality sister time up^there.   

(I totally made them pose for these photos. Haha.)  It was a wonderful weekend home and I can't wait to come back for Christmas.

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately!  I've been crazy busy with a shifting schedule, new job, classwork, and an attempt at a social life.  ;) 

How were your Thanksgivings?!

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