Inspiration | No. 6

It's that time of year where it's natural to reflect on the previous year with nostalgia. 

This time last year, things were quite different for me. Living in my college town. Working a part-time job and living on a very tight budget. Sharing an apartment with a roomie. Surrounded by good friends. Nights spent down the street with those friends at our various stomping grounds. Single but seriously crushing on G and hoping he'd be game for giving a long-distance relationship a try. 

And now I've moved 2 hours East of that college town. Working a full-time job, living on a still-tight budget (thanks, student loans!) but no longer struggling. I have my own place, where I spend most of my nights cuddled up with tea / wine / beer and a book / blog / television series. Making new friends in the area, slowly but surely. Happily dating G and even more head over heels for him. :)

It's been a good year. It's had ups and downs, but I can definitely say the ups outnumbered the downs. As I look toward 2014, I have lots of hopes and aspirations... but we'll save those for another post. ;)

What big changes happened for you this year – good and bad?

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