Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays | Well Wishes from The Lovely Side

I hope everyone had a lovely, blessed holiday. I had a wonderful break from work – spent back in my hometown with family, food, fun, and nearly a foot of snow!
Except for the occasional Instagram'ing of the pets, I took a short hiatus from the internet and blogging. Unfortunately, some of the scheduled posts I had lined up have not published (along with some others that I wrote in the past couple of weeks). I'll be working on those publishing kinks as soonly as possible.

Today was back to work (I'm on break now) for me. Cheers to all you lucky lovelies who have a few extra days off! I'm very much looking forward to a quiet weekend in my apartment full of blogging, relaxing, and maybe furniture-rearranging. 

How was your holiday?

P.S. The adorable holiday greeting card pictured above can be purchased from LilyandVal on Etsy. I'll never get tired of deer antlers and pretty chalkboard drawings.

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