Wishlist 2.28 | Five Favored Finds

Time to share some of my favorite lovely finds from February. First on the list – how have I come this far through life without seeing the beauty of an uncut diamond?! These uncut diamond studs are gorgeous. I love the raw, natural elegance and the hazy hue.

Not that I need yet another little knick-knack to clutter up my apartment. (I have enough little birds and tiny deer already.) But this stoneware octopus – it'd be perfect in my bathroom. I'd even declutter my sink/vanity just so that he could have the spotlight.

I also really need one of these bathtub caddies made of reclaimed wood. So simple and yet so handy – it'd be lovely to have a place for my book, candle, and glass of wine or beer while taking a bubble bath in my giant clawfoot tub. *sigh* I think I'm going to diy it though...

There's something so very elegant and nostalgic about a small, shiny black case of solid perfume. I'd love one of these Diptyque solid perfumes to toss into my purse.

Book pillows. Need I say more? I found these on Pinterest, but couldn't locate a source. Let me know if you do! If I could so, I'd love to have a Nancy Drew and Gone with the Wind pillow.

Last but not least, I'm totally smitten with this 14k gold opal ring. It's band is so delicate and simple. And that opal is gorgeous. I love opals.

Which of these lovely finds is right up your alley?

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