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Working Girl Wardrobe | Desi: Graphic Design & Marketing

Working girl Desi and blogger behind A Northern Girl works in graphic design and marketing for a Division I University's basketball arena. When she's not working sporting events, she's handling donor benefits, Broadway shows, and other concerts and events. Just as she has to be versatile, so does her work wardrobe.

Some of Desi's must-have ensembles include:

Colored Skinny Jeans + A Blazer
Desi's day-to-day look combines pulled-together with laid-back. Hued skinnies and a classic blazer is professional enough to meet with clients, yet comfortable enough to take on the day.

A Variety of Day Dresses
A dress is an entire outfit all in one – a perfect pick for exhausted mornings or morning workouts. In addition to her crazy work schedule, Desi runs half-marathons. Dresses are easy to take to the gym and slip into after sunrise exercise.

Sporty Meets Girly
Lately, Desi's been pulling off an "athletic-chic" look by wearing a black Lululemon Run Full Tilt top with an electric blue trumpet skirt from Old Navy.

Power Suits + Formal Frocks
For the evenings spent working events, Desi stocks her wardrobe with a classic black suit and a few dressier dresses to ensure she always looks polished and professional.

Feel Good Footwear
Desi reaches for the practical when it comes to shoes. Sperry top-siders are a favorite, along with Tory Burch flats. You'll catch her in Nike Frees on the days she anticipates a lot of walking – or if she just put in an early morning long run. (You might even spot her in cowgirl boots on country show days!)

Heels on Hand
Desi keeps a one-and-only pair of heels at her desk just in case the occasion arises to wear them.

Earrings + Necklaces
When it comes to accessories, Desi's everyday jewelry pieces include earrings are rose gold lightning bolts by Big Bang NYC and her Johnny Cash necklace from Bourbon and Boots. You won't bracelets burdening her wrists – as a designer and blogger, she's constantly typing away or using her mouse.

Chic Specs
Lastly but certainly not least, Desi tops all her outfits off with chic black glasses.

Thanks for sharing your versatile, on-the-go style, Desi!

To shop for the pieces I used in creating the above outfits, check out the set on Polyvore.

Need more outfit inspiration? 
Whether you're interning, working full-time, or job searching, you can never get enough workplace wardrobe inspiration. Business casual doesn't equal boring. Professional doesn't mean stuffy. New on The Lovely Side, we'll be spotlighting how young professionals, college students, and interns dress for work – combining office-friendly elements, chic style, and elements of their own personality.

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