Vote for your favorite paint colors for my new apartment!

Hello, lovelies! I move into my new place this weekend, which means... time to commit to some paint colors! The kitchen and bathroom will be staying as-is for now, but I will be painting the bedroom, office, and living room right away. (I've already chosen a color for the front room, which has yet to be assigned a purpose.)

Anyway, I will be going with Pittsburgh Paint since my wonderful new landlord will be covering the paint expenses. I'm thrilled because PPG serves up some gorgeous hues. So while I have some favorites in mind, I thought I'd open up the floor for your lovely input!

Please keep in mind that the bedroom is connected to the living room by big, double pocket doors. I don't want do gray for both. (One gray room leading into another gray room just doesn't do it for me.) So if the living room is gray, the bedroom needs to be a shade of blue. If the bedroom is gray, the living room needs to take on a purple hue. Capiche? Capiche. :)

P.S. Under the options, there's an image of the paint swatches for reference plus some of the things that will be in the room.

Ready... set... vote!

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