Before: Dull Beige & Dim // After: Light Gray & Bright

This Before & After from Apartment Therapy popped up in my feed today and I just had to share. I think a huge misconception about decorating is that if you paint a small or awkward space white or cream, it will look larger and more spacious. That's not always the case.

Case in point, this living room. It's on the small side. It's a bit awkwardly shaped. And it was painted a creamy beige with white trim, which made it look dark and dim.

Isn't it ahhhh-mazing what a couple coats of fresh, light gray paint can do? It makes the white trim pop and look crisp. It lends a cool contrast to the warm-toned hardwood floors, which before blended into the buttery color of the space. 

Swapping out the furniture, adding ghost chairs, and incorporating metallic accents on the picture frames and floor lamp also contributed to a lighter, more airy room. But that light gray paint was the launching pad for such a transformation.

And since those floors are almost the same color as mine, this space has me seriously considering re-painting a room in my apartment to be light gray. My living room, maybe? Oh, but that sounds like so much work after I've finally settled in. ;) Maybe a year from now... Or in my next place...

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Anonymous said...

It's not really a fair comparison, the before's taken at night with poor overhead lighting, and the after's taken with bright sunlight. It does illustrate that walls don't have to be white in a small space to look bright and airy though.