Bedroom Makeover Inspiration Board

I recently posted about the plan to paint my bedroom charcoal or black. Well, I picked out the paint color, which will be revealed soon. For now, I whipped up a quick inspiration board to guide me in curating and decorating my bedroom once it's repainted.

Black headboard.
I've had my metal headboard for years. It was first black, then spray painted hot pink, then spray painted red. Now, I'd like to go back to the black wrought iron look. I think a black iron headboard would lovely against dark gray walls.

White curtains.
To pick up on the white trim in the room and contrast the charcoal walls, I plan to hang off-white or ivory curtains. 

Natural wood nightstands.
With all the gray, white, and black in the room, I want to bring everything down to earth with some more wood tones. So I'll put matching slightly rustic nightstands on either side of the bed. 

Pendant lights.
I have two matching black pendant lights from Target, which have Edison-inspired bulbs in them. I'd like to hang a light over each nightstand to eliminate the need for table lamps. Plus, they'll complement the headboard nicely.

Tall, narrow dresser.
I really want to get my mid-century modern dresser sold after Christmas. Hopefully then I'll be able to replace it with a tall, slender dresser that takes up less space but can still hold things like socks and unmentionables. Maybe I'll find one that's already white... or maybe I'll take on another chalk paint project!

Vintage accents.
I'm wanting the room to have a rustic, industrial, cozy cottage vibe. So I'll be bringing in my vintage fans, old books, and a birdcage that I will re-spray paint copper or a darker metal.

Eclectic bedding.
With gray walls, I really want to decorate the room in a way that I can easily swap out bedding depending on the season. You see, in spring and summer I like to use my bright, colorful, floral quilt. But in fall and winter, I love my heavier beige and black damask bedspread. I'll dress up the bed with a mix of burlap pillows.

I want to bring in a rug. I'm still undecided on exactly what kind of rug. Here, I used something neutral and modern, but maybe I'll go with something more colorful and antique looking. We'll see. I'll also use baskets under the nightstands for additional storage. I want to print out some photos to frame for the walls. And I'd love to find some old distressed shutters.

So that's my rough draft of how my bedroom should look in a couple months. What do you think? Are you taking on a room makeover this winter?

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Camille said...

So many good ideas, can't wait to see how it turns out! :)

Unknown said...

I actually love the dark gray wall color on your inspiration board and have been wanting to paint my bathroom cabinets a similar color. Fingers crossed that I will get around to it once my winter break starts. ☺

Fred said...

Looks good to me! I love the bright colors of the bed compared to everything else. Oh, and the floating cat too ;)

hollysharon said...

I know someone who has dark charcoal walls & white trim around their house and it looks fabulous with pops of colour. They have many paintings hung throughout and the artwork just pops against the charcoal.

I have a black metal headboard in my bedroom with black, grey & white accents throughout the room, and I went with purple walls. I wanted something sexy. Turns out the purple was way too strong & almost garish. So I'll be repainting this spring a more subdued and hopefully sophisticated purple. I haven't given up on purple yet, though its such a tricky colour! I didn't want anything too juvenile looking. I hung beautiful black window coverings but I found there is simply too much black in the room, its looking way too goth. So I'm hoping the prettier feminine purple and less heavy black accents will help out. So if you're going with a dark shade of charcoal, you'll definitely need those pops of colour to brighten the room.

Laurie said...

The wrought-iron headboard combine with the shutters is a distinctive combination. Looks FANTASTIC! Mind if I steal that idea?