Dream House: Victorian with Turquoise Roof!

So I found my dream house.  Seriously.
I. Am. Swooning.

Gray stone. Wrap-around porch. Huge windows.
Victorian. Gothic ironwork. A turret. Fountain in the yard.
And... and... and... (wait for it...)
A turquoise roof?!

The room at the top of the turret would be all mine.
A dark, rich, luxurious place painted dark gray
and filled with French provincial furniture.
Artwork, books, typewriters, and candles.

I'd write there. Best-selling novels and these blog posts, of course.

Seriously.  This house was made for me.


Shelby said…
The turquoise is very pretty and who doesn't love a tower?
Jess said…
I'll take one in pink please :-)
Camille said…
I wonder, is that a roof that is metal and has oxidized or is it painted turquoise? Either way very pretty! :)
Anonymous said…
So pretty! I want one so bad! :) I would love to live there and sleep in that tower every night. That color is just gorgeous.
I LOVE THIS!! I too am in love with porches! (did a whole post on it!)

Anonymous said…
Where oh where can this be?
Anonymous said…
Just outside Quebec City if I remember rightly. I took pictures of it!