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Turn On (the light!)

Word of warning.  You may think less of me after reading this post.
So if you're faint of heart or judgmental, I suggest you depart quietly from the blog.

But for the rest of you who don't mind a little (almost) raunchy decor-porn...

I really want this switch-plate.

It's nerdy.  It's artsy.  It's a little perverted.

But it's so clever and so funny.

(And that handsome fella is one of my favorite statues!)

And at only $9.95... I don't know if I can resist.  

I mean... C'mon!  It'll put a smile on my face
every time I turn on the light to my attic.


Brittany said…
BAHAHAHAHA! You HAVE to get it!
Jess said…
I think it is hysterical. Plus, it's art, there's nothing wrong with a little artistic humor :-)
Anonymous said…
This is hilarious. Not trying to steal your "style" but I do have a friend with a birthday coming up, wheree did you find this interior decorating master-peice if you don't mind my asking?
Roxy said…
Do it! :) lol. Looks fun, so why not?
Go for it!! It's hilarious and I love it!!
Unknown said…
Hi :)
We're moving in fall in a new house and I would like to style my room completly new, but I have no idea how. I would like to mix many styles/themes like bohemian, girly, eclectic, vintage but also new (when you know what I mean) and I like teal/mint, pink, yellow and neutrals. My new Room will be in a very big attic and most of my funiture is white but I think it is not possible to compare so many styles and colors. What do you think ? Can you please help me by my room problem ?
Chrystina said…
Hahaha - I had no idea what I was looking at. Light switch. I like it.


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