Front Room Decor Brainstorming: Sitting Room

The next room that I'll be tackling in my new place is the front room. It's a large, square space that was originally the home's living room. It has a light-hued hardwood floors, doors to both the office and living room, and a nice, big antique window looking over the front porch. I've been kinda stumped about what exactly to do with the space. Library? Nah, I keep my books in my office. Dining room? Nope, too far from the kitchen. But I think I've come up with an idea.

Next week, I'll be welcoming two furry critters into my home. I'm adopting two female cats from a local shelter. Since I'm not a fan of the litter boxes in my kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else really, I think this room is just the ticket. Since it's a large space, I can put the boxes in a corner. I plan on hiding them behind a folding screen – the screen will not only disguise the area from guests, but also be easy to move when I need to clean out the boxes.

Colors: The room has light hardwood floors and white trim. I'll be painting the walls a bright coral. I plan on furnishing the space with black and white pieces. The color scheme will mostly consist of white, cream, and black with subtle splashes of gold or brass.

Decor: I like to imagine this space as a modern flapper's sitting room – like, if Phryne (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries) lived in the here and now. So I'd like to pull in some oriental elements (a cherry blossom folding shoji screen), art decor accents (light switch plate, furniture), and femininity (airy ivory curtains) balanced with modern sensibility (black and white striped rug, industrial pendant lighting). Plus, bags of litter and other pet supplies can be hidden behind the doors of cabinets/side tables.

Meows: In the corner of the room, the folding screen will disguise the litter boxes, which will also each have their own rug to collect stray pieces of litter. In another corner, I'll put out a classic style food/water bowl setup (like the one above) and a couple pots of cat grass for mid-day munching. Somewhere there will probably be a cozy bed and eventually, a stylish do-it-yourself cat tree like the one above.

Me: Since this is the first room you enter in my apartment, I really want it to be a cozy, colorful place to come home to. After hanging my coat and purse on the coat tree, I'd like to be able to sink into a big winged armchair, cuddle with the cats, and catch up on some reading.

What do you think? Of course, my cats will also have the run of the apartment. But I like the idea of all of their "things" being contained in one room that they can really feel comfortable and at home in.

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