Gridiron Belles | Top 5 Tailgating Etiquette Tips

Can I get a holler from all you lovely undergrads who claim football as one of your favorite parts of fall?  You're not alone.  Christie Leigh Mueller---a Southern belle, Rhodes College graduate, and Auburn football fan---has published Gridiron Belles for all the lovely lady football fans out there.  And while her book focuses on "Saturdays in Dixie," its pages of photos, traditions, etiquette tips, fashion advice, and game definitions make this a stadium survival guide for any lovely undergrad looking to enjoy the season.

In the following guest post, Christie offers her top 5 tips for gridiron girls...

Top 5 Tailgating and Etiquette Tips for Football Saturdays
Whether you’re a Southern Belle or a Midwestern Gal, Saturdays in the fall are full of excitement, friends and football. In all areas of the country the rules of tailgating etiquette are the same and help everyone enjoy the game for more than just the game! Of course, if you’re looking at becoming a Gridiron Belle, you can learn how by purchasing Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie at www.GridironBelles.com
Xs and Os,
Christie Leigh 

#1) Have a game plan and come prepared. No team takes the field without a game plan; you can’t host a successful tailgate without some Xs and Os. Think through the menu, seating and supplies. 

#2) The more the merrier. You want an inviting tailgate with friends and strangers alike stopping by. Offer a drink and some food. Hospitality applies now more than ever. 

#3) Show your spirit. Do your homework on your team and the opponent so you can join the conversation with your guests. 

#4) Clean up. Be respectful at home or away games. It’s either YOUR home or you want to be respectful of the most heated rival. Trust me, next year the same game is at your “home.” 

#5) Have another one! Once you start and get the hang of it, it’s hard to stop. Invite friends to co-host; planning is half the fun!

Thanks, Christie!

Gridiron belles, enjoy your tailgating!



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