This DIY Project is for the Birds... (Literally.)

After their makeover, Caesar and Lenny received so many rave reviews from all of you that I couldn't help but bring them back for another guest appearance on the blog.  I visited my parents last weekend and made it a point to scavenge the basement for some of my old things.  And lo and behold! I came across this black birdcage.  The birdcage was a clearance find at Target several years ago when I had a thing for black wrought iron.  I knew it was just perfect for my feathered little friends.

Almost immediately upon hanging it over my desk and sticking the little birds down in it, Caesar started bugging me about giving the cage a coat of spray paint.  He talked about how it was just too dark, too gothic, too drab and dark and black for my pretty bedroom.  He made a lot of good points in his argument.  But to be truthful, it didn't take much convincing on his part.  Who am I to argue with an adorable little bluebird?  Or to resist the suggestion/temptation of spray painting something?  I gave in.  (Despite Lenny's persistent grumbling.)

I gave the cage several coats of a beautiful sky blue spray paint.  After letting it dry for hours... (it was a humid Iowa day so the paint stayed stubbornly tacky) ...I brought it in and hung it on its little hook over my desk.  I plopped the two birds down inside it and waited for their cute little reactions.

Needless to say, Ceasar thought it was heavenly.  Also needless to say, Lenny thought it was hellish.

I came back later to find Caesar happily chirping away about the pretty blue cage.  (He's so endearing like that.)  My potty-mouthed little gangsta Lenny was not so precious.


Anonymous said...

I love the light blue color with the turquoise of lenny and caesar. So bright and fun!

aviaries for sale said...

It's really cute! Thanks a lot for the share.

Anonymous said...

what kind of spray paint did you use?