Moving Stage 1 | Purging Before Packing

So on this stormy April evening, I'm stuck up in the attic partaking in one of my least favorite activities: preparing to move.  I love the freshness of moving into a new place, but I hate the messy process of getting there.  And the first step in this process (as soon as I'm done procrastinating by blogging and watching Rules of Engagement) is a massive purge of everything I don't need.

This purge hasn't always taken place.  When I've moved place to place in Ames, I've tended to pack everything up and just move.  Well, I have farther to move this time.  I need to downsize as much as possible.  I've devised a plan that's going to help me in this purging process.  And all it calls for is three empty, tall plastic laundry hampers.  

Hamper 1: Keep Handy
These are things I come across that I will need to have easy (but not immediate) access to in the upcoming weeks.  Certain outfits and shoes.  Hair, bath, and beauty products that I don't use everyday but will need shortly upon moving.  Electronics chargers. Important documents/papers/notebooks.  Once full, this hamper will be packed into easy-to-get-to and easy-to-transport bags.

Hamper 2: Take Home
I'll be taking a bunch of unneeded items to my parents' place during the transition from my current apartment to the next apartment.  Decorative accessories.  Books.  Office/school supplies.  Out-of-season clothing and shoes. Artwork.  Kitchen items except for the bare essentials.  Once full, things will be packed like with like into labeled boxes and shipped off to mom and dad's for temporary storage.

Hamper 3: Throw Away
This is the hamper that means serious business.  Anything I come across that I do not need (but cannot recycle or donate) goes here.  And gets tossed.

Now, several hampers could be added to this.  One for recycling.  One for donating.  Etc, etc.  I don't have enough hampers or time to devote to that.  I've got to get purging and packing and moving.  And fast.  If you're wondering about the items I need here-and-now all the time, those won't go into the hamper.  Rather, I'll be collecting them in a small corner of my room for easy and immediate access.

Do you have any tips and tricks to purging, packing, and moving?  Leave 'em in a comment below.  I can  use all the help I can get.  Take a look at my mess of an attic right now:


Chester said...

I really like this 3hamper idea :) I'm sure you've already thought of this, but when packing things up I like to do them thematically. One day I would sort through books, the next day shoes, then decoration. One thing a day (or several small ones a day) helps me to keep track of what I still have to do :)

Brittany said...

I might have to use this idea when I move out of the dorms in a couple weeks. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I use plastic bags like a crazy person! Any sort of small item (jewelry, office supplies, scarves, belts, etc. goes into a plastic baggie. It prevents things from tangling and keeps them neat. Target sells a package of baggies that includes four different colors if you are into color coding like I am! By rolling instead of folding clothes, they take up less space. I use everything I have to put stuff in, including purses, pillowcases, shopping bags, laundry bags, and furniture that has storage. Then these things don't have to be packed and you save money/the environment a little bit by buying fewer boxes. I also like to use the plastic storage bins they sell at Big Lots for $5. They are reusable, won't break on you like a box does. I also like to make a key code of what items are in each box.

HMF said...

Your hamper strategy is genius! The last time I moved, I waited until the last possible second and then ended up cramming things into boxes with absolutely zero order. It's also so smart that you're preparing a "keep handy" hamper -- so much stuff gets lost or put away in moves that's necessary for every day life!

Unknown said...

I am in the process of moving myself (painting and crafting and all the decorating and yay!) so I just went though this :P

I put clothes on hangers in garbage bags, hanger and all, for transport and then I just pull them out, shake them off, and hang them up again. Labeling is SUPER important. Other than that, I just kind of muscled through it. No dilly-dallying, just box after box until it was all done in about a day and a half. Good luck!

Brittany said...

I have a lovely rule that has worked quiet well for me over my many, many moves around the country. The rule is, if I haven't looked at it, thought about it, or needed it in the last 2 months - get rid of it! I am a lady of very few possessions thanks to this rule!

Audrey Greenwood said...

I found that plastic packing boxes serve the same purpose as hampers or baskets. With the bonus that you can reuse them on your next move. Plastic boxes stacked nicely as well. Whichever method you choose remember to be ruthless! Things you have vague feelings of attachment to will lurk in your closet for years to come. Be heartless and spare yourself the future indignity of having to throw out boxes of ridiculous clothes that you once loved.