Nix the Desk Niche – I Want a Book Nook!

Since my new apartment includes three spacious closets, I have plenty of storage space in the hallway and bathroom closets. The bedroom closet is door-less and has a great window, so I don't have the heart to fill it up with clothes and boxes to create an eyesore. In a recent post, I toyed around with the idea of creating a workspace in the wardrobe

Since I got my furniture last Saturday, I squeezed one of my desks into the closet and lived with it for a few days. Tonight, I pulled it out. It just wasn't working. For several reasons:

1. I don't need two desks in this bedroom. My attic was spacious and one desk was used as a vanity. I don't need to do that here. So two desks within a close proximity to each other just felt... well, weird.

2. I rarely write or read at a desk. I like to have a desk for writing – should I decide I want to. And occasionally I do. But for the most part, I write and blog from bed. 

3. My windows are tall and I didn't like how the desk rose up above the bottom of the window, partially blocking it. It was aesthetically annoying to me.

4. I reeeeally needed that extra desk to use as a television stand in my living room – at least until I can find the sleek, mid-century modern piece I'm fantasizing about.

5. I got a better idea. ;)

So what's the better idea?  Book nook.  This will be more convenient and comfortable.  I'll get a bookcase for the hidden end of the closet. And fill it up with my gobs of books. Then, I'm going to build (or rather hand tools to and help my handy-dandy bf build) a base. Upon the base, I'll lay down a toddler/crib size mattress. Throw in some blankets and pillows. And voila! I'll have a cozy little corner next to my books with a window to look out while I write.

I'm psyched. And 99.9% sure that a toddler-size mattress will fit in there. (I guess I'll find out when I buy one this weekend.)

So without further ado, here's the inspiration I gathered from Pinterest:




For reference, here's a haphazard photo of my closet:

I just wasn't digging the desk-in-the-closet and two desks in a room and desk blocking off the window thing.

What do you think of the book nook notion?  I'm smitten. :)

And on a side note – am I obsessed with nooks or what?!

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