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We live in the era of internet matchmaking. Pandora picks out artists who are music to your ears. OkCupid sets you up with potential partners. And social media networks like Facebook and Twitter throw suggestions at you to like and follow based on your interests. It's hip. It's personalized. And it works. (Ok, not all the suitors on OkCupid are suitable.) What about career matchmaking?

Unfortunately, career matchmaking for soon-to-graduate college students and recent grads hasn't really become an option like every other aspect of our lives. Of course, there's job search and listing sites. There's classifieds. There's LinkedIn. And there are some great sites that cater to college students by posting jobs and internships. But with huge unemployment rates and an urgency to pay back overwhelming amounts of student debt, we need more. We need it to get more personal.

Being a new young professional myself, I know that the job search, networking, and interview process can be daunting. It's not easy finding the right job with the right employer – a job that puts your personal strengths and passions to work. Isn't that every grad's dream? Besides paying back loans, of course, is the real fantasy. But we do also dream about getting a job that we like. Maybe even that we love. Don't you?

That's where Collegefeed and Collegefeed Connect comes in. Collegefeed Connect is a brand new service within the platform that matches and connects job seekers with over 500 companies. (And that number is growing!) Networking, employee referrals, and social media get rolled into one nifty tool that college students and grads can use to tap into the professional world. 

“We know the most effective way to get in the door today is via insider referrals – nearly 80 percent of jobs are filled this way – but college grads have not built up their professional networks yet,” said Sanjeev Agrawal, CEO and cofounder of Collegefeed. (Oh, and he's also Google's former product marketing chief.) “However we, as a company, have a vast network of company insiders. With Connect, we are proactively making it available to our users. As long as they take the time to showcase their potential, we’ll make sure they get in front of the right people.”

The best part is that it's all simple... and 100% free for job seekers. You create a profile to showcase your talents and skills, apply for Connect, and let Collegefeed get to work matching you up with potential employers. Their goal is to help every college student and new grad get hired. 

Get connected here. (And check out their blog for great career tips!)

Collegefeed Official Sitehttp://www.collegefeed.com

This isn't a sponsored post or advertisement. As I've endured sparse job searches and some less-than-enjoyable jobs, I can relate to young job seeker's experiences. I personally would use this tool. Fortunately, I landed a full-time job I like so I'm not exactly on the lookout for employment right now. 

I do recommend that you college students and recent grads sign up! Get connected with Collegefeed and let me know how it goes – especially if you land a dream job because of it! :)

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