Roundup: 10 Pretty Planners from MochiThings

I usually start off a new year with a fresh planner. There's something about a pretty planner that makes me feel polished and pulled together – even though I also use my Google calendar to keep track of everything, I like to write everything down as well. Whether I'm tracking craft beer events, musing about blog content, or  planning a weekend getaway, a planner is a must-have. This year, it's already March and I have yet to find my scheduler soul mate. It has to be pretty, simple, and sized to toss into my bag. 

I've had great luck finding pretty planners at Target in the past, but this year I find myself underwhelmed by their selection. (I bought my sisters the last two pretty planners I saw there.) So I'm taking my time and taking to the internet in my search for the perfect planner. Today, I hit the jackpot. MochiThings.com has the loveliest selection of agendas that I've ever laid eyes on. And now I'm overwhelmed with picking just one. Here are my Top 10 Contenders:

Scandinavian Journal Planner - $27
I love the paperback style of the Scandinavian Journal Planner – and the patterns are a folksy, pretty nod to the Scandinavian half of my heritage. I'm especially smitten with the mint green one.

Daily Project Diary Scheduler - $21
Also paperback in form (I love the feel of paperback style planners in my hands), the Daily Project Diary Scheduler comes in sweet candy colors. And I quite like the idea of calling each day a project. 

Large Monthly Planner - $13
Simple yet bold, the Large Monthly Planner really gives of a fresh, clean start kind of feel for the year. This size would be more at home on my desk top, but it also comes in small, medium, and extra large.

Making Memories Slim Weekly Planner - $23
Slim and ultra lovely, I'd adore pulling this little beauty out of my purse. Plus, the Making Memories Weekly Planner has one of those nice bands that keeps it closed and keeps all the pages nice and pretty for the year.

Large Pattern Folding Planner - $34
Decked out on pretty, vintage-inspired floral patterns, this Large Pattern Folding Planner is more than meets the eye. It unfolds to offer even more space for note taking and scheduling. Smart and pretty.

Muse Diary Scheduler - $29
Classy and classic, the Muse Diary Scheduler comes in two lovely colors and also includes that nifty band closure. The powder pink is simply gorgeous – I'd love to muse about my plans in this planner.

100 Day Planner - $6
Rather than a 365-day planner, this Plan D scheduler offers up space for 100 days. Over the course of 100 days, planners can get tattered and worn – a fresh start every 100 days would feel nice and crisp.

The Planner - $28
I love the classic simplicity of The Planner – perfect for feeling professional and pulled together. Plus, it comes in colors that remind me of a vintage schoolhouse. 

Alice in Wonderland Scheduler - $27
I adored Alice in Wonderland as a child. This pretty pink Alice in Wonderland planner would be such a pleasure to jot down engagements and ideas in all year long.

Alice's Diary Scheduler - $27
On the same note but with less of a pink approach, Alice's Diary Scheduler also pays homage to Alice and her adventures in Wonderland – but with a classic, antiqued, library feel to it.

And there are so many more beauties beyond these 10 pretty planners!

Do you still use a physical planner? Which of these is your favorite?

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