And the winning PPG paint colors for my apartment are...

Voting has ended; paint colors have been picked out and purchased! First off, thanks so much to those of you who voted. The paint color poll got an overwhelming response and it was fun to check in throughout the weekend to see what colors were in the lead.

Let's take a look at the poll results and what paint colors I ultimately went with, shall we?

Royal Hyacinth and Shining Armor were neck and neck there for a while, but Royal Hyacinth ultimately came out on top with Shining Armor and Elephant Gray tying for second place. While Royal Hyacinth is a gorgeous color, I'm a big fan of gray walls – especially in the bedroom. 

So that's what I decided to go with. When I got to the Pittsburgh Paint store, I took a look at the swatches in person and mulled over three different grays. I ended up choosing Victorian Pewter – Correction: I chose Antique Silver. Partly because I like the name, mostly because it is a perfectly balanced gray.

In the living room poll, Tin Lizzie was the leader almost the entire time. And while I do love that dusty shade of purple, I thought it felt a little too gray to put next to a gray bedroom. So I went with the second place winner...

Pale Plum! It's such a lovely shade of purple – just juicy enough and with a subtle hint of orchid. I can't wait to see how it pairs with the orange furnishings and turquoise accents.

In my office/writing room, you guys were teetering between Livin' Large and Mediterranean Blue the entire time. Before I went to the paint shop, I'd decided to go with Livin' Large. I like the idea of green walls with turquoise accents rather than turquoise on turquoise. 

Then when I got to the paint swatch display, I spotted and became smitten with Pollination. Initially, I ignored the color online. Maybe it's my computer screen, but the color appeared to be more golden than green. But in the store, on the paint swatch, and in the newly mixed can of paint, it's actually the exact shade of yellow green I was looking for. 

Also, I didn't have you vote on my front room / entry because I already knew what I wanted to paint it: coral! I decided on this shade of coral, which leans more on the pink side than orange. To me, it's the ideal coral.

So here are the painting plans for the apartment:

Kitchen – It's staying white for now. When I do get around to painting it, I'll probably give the walls a fresh coat of white and paint the cabinets a lovely color instead.

Bathroom – It's brown right now, but I have some leftover gray from another project that I think will be enough to give the bathroom a makeover. If not... back to the paint shop I go!

Bedroom – My red, green, and white decor is really going to pop against Antique Silver. It will be such a relaxing color to fall asleep surrounded by.

Living Room – Pale Plum will be the juicy backdrop for deeper plum, tangerine, and teal furnishings and accents. I'm very excited about the daring color scheme in this space.

Office – As the guy at the paint shop, Pollination is green enough to about make you sneeze. It's definitely bright, bold, and springy. I think it'll go great with the room once grounded by gray furniture, gray curtains, and some pale blue and red accents.

Entry – This is originally the living room of the house, but I'm not sure what to do with it yet. For now, I'll be painting it turquoise and decorating it with my yellow coat tree. Eventually, I'm hoping to pull in a couple chairs and a small settee to use as a sitting room. Otherwise, a large table would transform it into a great crafting/diy space.

I also want to add a quick note about how wonderful my experience at my local Pittsburgh Paints shop was. The best part about going to a paint store as opposed to a big home improvement store is the staff. You're not just getting help from a guy that works in the paint department on weekends; you're getting expert assistance from staff who work only with paint every day. When you ask about what primer to use, what the different finishes are, or how many coats you'll need per square foot, these guys don't miss a beat. There were stools for us to sit on while we waited for the paint to be mixed and even a coffee bar that I would have been hitting up were I not about to go make some of my own.

Plus, they happily fill you in on helpful tips that I'll be sharing with YOU in my painting posts. 

Great color selection. Great customer service. And now I can't wait to see how the paint turns out!

Thank you again for the votes! Time to get painting. :)

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