5 Lust-worthy Objects of Desire from Anthropologie

Oh, Anthropologie. You sure do know how to make a girl lusty over frills and rocks and thin gold wires. It's one of those catalogs that I look forward to receiving in the mail, but I never order from. I tell myself, "Someday... someday I'll order something from Anthropologie." But the cheapo in me frowns at the price tags of even clearance items. So for now, I'll just happily flip through the matte pages whilst daydreaming – and dreaming up thriftier, diy-ier alternatives.

But in an Anthro-world, you'd find me lounging on my bed
swathed in that fluffy, frilly, all-too-frou-frou duvet above. 

Illuminated by an Edison bulb in this gold wire and concrete chandelier.
(So much more elegant than my bedroom's ceiling fan.)

I'll be wearing this dainty little number.

And this lovely unmentionable, too. 

And I'll need one of these somewhere.

Although this is a geode, which happens to be the state rock of Iowa.
This might be the most attainable item on my lusty Anthro list.

 What do you lust for from the pages and pins of Anthropologie?

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