15 Creative DIY Projects to Hide the Litter Box

Bella Pop
Now that I'm almost completely settled into my new place, I'm doing something I've been planning on for a long time: getting a cat. I've been waiting for the right place and the right time – and here and now finally feels right. I visited a local shelter this past weekend and fell in love with not one but two lovely female cats. My adoption application is in for them and I'm hoping to bring them home with me between Christmas and New Year's. I'm so very excited. :)

The one thing I'm so very not excited about? The litter box. They're not the most aesthetically or fragrantly pleasing things, so I'm excited to try some crafty DIY options. (Here's to hoping my felines don't mind a covered box!) I'm planning on putting the litter box in my front unused room. It will serve as a mud room / entry room of sorts – with a coat tree, boot tray, and chair for sitting down to put on winter boots. However, I don't want the littler box(es) just out in the open, so I've rounded up 15 clever solutions to get my creative juices flowing.

I love the first box shown above, though I'll most definitely not have it sitting right next to the sofa. 

Ikea Hackers
This one's nice, too, but my teeny tiny bathroom isn't large enough to accommodate such a contraption.

Ikea Hackers
I love this one. Something like this would be ideal in my entry room – for hiding and for cleaning! (And for possibly having two cats!)

A Design Story
This one's cute, too. And the kitty can perch on it. 

Apartment Therapy
This wine box cover is so clever and creative. Now where can I get myself some wine crates?!

Grasie Mercedes
I like the extra storage that this one offers above and in-between.

Recaptured Charm
I'm not crazy about the twig drawer pulls, but I do dig the shabby chic look. Plus, the drawer would come in handy for storing supplies.

A bench cover would be fantastic – especially with an extra storage compartment for litter.

Alewood Furniture Co.
Again, I'm liking the bench idea.

Offbeat Home
The more I see it, the more I'm leaning toward it.

Modern Cat
This one isn't exactly my style on the outside, but I love the nifty litter-catching on the inside.

This one turned out gorgeous. What a great way to recycle old furniture.

This one is so cool. Not only does it have a litter storage compartment, but the cat has to go through a little rear corridor to get into the litter box part – keeping litter from being tracked into the room. Yet, it can be easily accessed for cleaning just by pulling the door open. Brilliant.

Chaotically Creative
I really like the rustic look of this one
Unusually Lovely
And I love the color and simple "I can do this" concept here

Do you have a cat? What do you do with the litter box? And would you ever consider one of this nifty solutions?

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Camille said...

Yay, so excited for you to be getting some kitties!

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

You and me both! :D