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Within the last week or so, I started watching Mad Men. I don't know why I waited so long. Let's just say that I'm watching that show like it's going out of style. I love the advertising world business drama, personal scandals, pulled-together fashion, and of course: the mid-century modern decor. And the living space that I love the most belongs to none other than Joan Holloway.

First of all: those coral walls! They look kind of peachy in these photos, but on screen they're a lush pinky orange quite similar to the hue I just painted my front room. (More on that later.) Plus, she pairs the coral with turquoise. It's a color combo that I'm smitten with and using in my front room, too. 

I also adore that Joan's apartment is eclectic and elegant all at once. It's so elegant that you actually have to look for the eclectic, but it's there in the mixing and matching of styles. She balances out the ultra feminine (coral walls, frilly furniture, chic drapes, ornate mirrors) with some handsome, sleek lines (cabinet, sofa, chair). French Provincial (see the coffee table, off-white console, and dining table) lives happily alongside mid-century modern (television, sofa, chair, lighting). 

When it comes to interior design taste, I could move into Joan's place and feel right at home.

To get Joan's look, you don't have to go all crazy and paint your wall a bright coral. (Although, I love mine.) The key is to get the color scheme right. Bring in lots of coral and beige, then throw in some turquoise. You can bring in a big punch of coral with a coral sofa or area rug. Hit up antique stores and thrift shops for mid-century furniture pieces – both modern and French Provincial – to get the mixed-and-matched look. 

A bar cart is a must for entertaining. Gussy it up with fancy gold and turquoise glasses. Decorate your walls with a big painting of a city street, then hang some ornate gold mirrors. Don't forget some vintage accessories such as a retro telephone. And to make your curtains look more luxurious, layer turquoise drapes over ivory sheers. 

From the glimpses I've seen of Joan's kitchen, I'm equally smitten. It's cute, clean, and includes some of those same colors from the rest of her apartment: teal and coral – though the teal is a little lighter and there's some darker reddish coral.

If you have white cabinets, perfect! If not, consider bringing a white standalone cabinet or hutch into your kitchen. Visit antique stores, thrift shops, flea markets, and even Goodwill to scour shelves for retro kitchen wares in coral, minty teal, and other popular 1960's hues. Tin canisters, breadboxes, and percolators score you major mid-century design points. Don't forget to bring in a bit of floral print in the form of a tablecloth, wallpaper, or even wall art.

Do you watch Mad Men? Which characters place would you most want to move into?


Disclaimer: I'm neither the the set designer nor in touch with the set designer for these television and movie rooms. Unfortunately, I do not know the sources for most of the decor, furniture, etc. These inspiration boards and posts are meant to show a similar look and help guide you in shopping for items that will help you get there. If you really want to know the source of a specific item (for example, where a pair of curtains can be purchased), feel free to leave your question in the comments. If I knew, it would definitely be listed in the post. However, maybe another The Lovely Side reader out there will know!


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