Get the Look: Laurel Lance's Apartment | On Screen Decor: Arrow

While Felicity Smoak's apartment is airy, modern, and a tinge quirky, Laurel Lance's living space is feminine, classic, and grown-up. It's a pulled-together apartment – that is, when it's not been broken into or brawled in. 

Her apartment appears to be in an older, historic building – look at the gorgeous paneling on the walls. Her wine-hued sofa adds a big splash of color, which is matched by an accent wall in the background.

She brings the vintage feel into modern times with sleek, contemporary furniture in blonde wood tones (coffee table, tv console), while mixing in a few darker pieces, too. The different wood tones pick up similar hues in the exposed brick wall behind the tv.

Decor-wise, Laurel's accessories are simple and elegant – and just a bit eclectic in their own way. There's a vase of white orchids, an amber-hued glass vase, and a unique camel figurine. Her artwork is mostly scenic, like the enlarged black and white photograph of birch trees in the winter.

It was hard to find a photo of her windows. But in the background of the above photo, the window is dressed with sheer curtains in a neutral purple/beige tone.

There's also a folding screen made of wood and natural fiber, a modern chest of drawers with sleek metal pulls, and a lamp that lends a bit of turquoise to the room.

First off, get the look of Laurel's exposed brick walls with some brick wallpaper. Apply it to one wall as an accent. Dress the windows in beige sheers and hang scenic black and white photography on the walls. Bonus points for artwork featuring birch trees specifically. Choose a dark sofa preferably in a dark garnet red, though maroon, deep purple, and even brown would do, too. 

Feel free to mix different styles of finishes of furniture. Above, the sleek blonde coffee table and tv console are basic enough that you could find similar items at Ikea or Target. Hit up antique stores for beautiful, dark wood bookcases. And throw in some more dark wood with a simple round end table and modern dresser. Put a folding screen in an under-decorating corner of the room.

Accessorize your space with lots of table lamps (Laurel seems to love her indirect lighting). Switch up the bases (you'll find a black, white, and turquoise one in her room), but keep the lamp shades a neutral cream or beige. Display some elegant flowers like lilies or orchids in a contemporary vase. Bring in a large fiddle leaf plant for a bit of greenery. Control clutter with cleverly-tucked away baskets – like under the coffee table. And throw in some interesting items like a beautiful glass vase, camel figurine, and rustic bowl made of tree branches.

I'm not sure what Laurel has on her floors (and wasn't able to find a photo including them), but imagine they're hardwood and I'd like to think she'd throw down a neutral rug with a simple geometric design. But I wouldn't be surprised to see a Persian rug featuring subtle colors in there as well. 

What do you think of Laurel's apartment? What's your favorite part?


Disclaimer: I'm neither the the set designer nor in touch with the set designer for these television and movie rooms. Unfortunately, I do not know the sources for most of the decor, furniture, etc. These inspiration boards and posts are meant to show a similar look and help guide you in shopping for items that will help you get there. If you really want to know the source of a specific item (for example, where a pair of curtains can be purchased), feel free to leave your question in the comments. If I knew, it would definitely be listed in the post. However, maybe another The Lovely Side reader out there will know!


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I'm lovin these Arrow decor posts!

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