Four Ways to Decorate Around Art (Featuring Prints from Minted!)

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One of the decorating questions I get asked most by readers and friends is: Where do I start? Art is a good place to start. Art is one of those things that you buy because you like it, because it speaks to you, because it brings something to life in you. And that's the whole point of decorating: creating a pretty, personalized space that you feel happy and comfortable in. 

There are a lot of great resources out there for tracking down the perfect print or piece of art. But endlessly browsing online and scavenging brick-and-mortar stores can quickly get overwhelming. One of my favorite sources that I've come upon is Minted. I first came upon Minted for stationary and planners, but the selection of beautiful, original prints and custom photo art in the Art Marketplace is wonderful. (It's one of those places that I could easily kiss an entire paycheck goodbye in the name of a good gallery wall.)

Speaking of gallery walls, Minted's blog has a great on how to create one.

Whether you're looking for a fantastic piece of art as a starting point for a room you're decorating -- or you're searching for that perfect piece that one of your rooms is missing -- Minted is a go-to source. The prices are reasonable, plus you can order your art in a variety of sizes and add a pretty frame for a few bucks more.

The best part of Minted (besides its selection, pricing, and ready-to-go frames) is that the art is original and is created by independent artists. I love that. It's so much more personal. You can read about the idea behind your print and even opt to have the artist's signature include on your print.

I rounded up four of my favorite pieces and prints from Minted to demonstrate how to build a vignette or entire room around a single piece of art.

This Helpful Reminder print in blush would be perfect for any busy college or working girl's apartment entryway. I'd display it in a sleek black frame on top of a handy wall unit like this one, which features cubbies and hooks to keep you organized when you're coming and going.

The Vintage Books print had me at hello. I'm a lover of all things vintage as well as a bibliophile. For this space, I pulled the colors straight out of the print -- don't you love the tangerine, teal, and cobalt blue of those vintage book spines? I also played around with mixing and matching furniture styles for a comfortable, eclectic, sorta "modern bohemian" look.

The Light and Glass print is the perfect starting point for a lovely vintage, vintage-inspired bathroom. (AKA: My dream bathroom.) The bathroom would have a simple pedestal sink, industrial-inspired lighting, wire baskets, seaglass-hued bath towels, and my own collection of vintage glass bottles displayed beneath the Light and Glass print. All it needs now is some subway tile, right?

It's kind of a running joke between my boyfriend and I that I end up liking certain things just because they're turquoise. It is my favorite color, after all. And when all else fails, color is a great jumping off point for decorating a room. I would base an entire teal-saturated room around the Indygo print. I mean, look at all those shades of turquoise and blue. So lovely, so peaceful. 

How do you decorate with art? Do you use it as inspiration before decorating a room? Or do you start decorating your room, then search for the perfect art? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Take some time to browse the original art pieces and photo prints on Minted. But don't stop there. Like I mentioned the stationary and planners above, Minted is a treasure trove of pretty things to give as gifts and treat yourself to. 

If you're getting married, I highly recommend you check out their swoonworthy new collection of wedding invitations. Here's a sneak peek:

Happy decorating, lovelies!

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