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It's not every day that I get to share small space that belongs to someone I know. Today's lovely small space dweller and I share a hometown. When I saw photos of her adorable apartment pop up on Facebook, I couldn't resist asking if I could share her space here on The Lovely Side. And she so graciously agreed! 

Now living in the Kansas City area, Lottie is a writer with a passion to tell God's story. She likes likes a little coffee with her creamer, is deeply moved by the beauty of nature, and loves to get lost in music. She enjoys writing about the lovely, the challenging, and the encouraging on her website and would love for you to join in the conversation. (Check it out at LottieBrooke.com.)

Being a writer herself, Lottie wrote up her own editorial to guide you through her pretty abode.

So without further ado, read on to hear about why Target is so dangerous, what it's like to become a "bed tray person," and some thrifty Craigslist steals turned Pinterest projects.

Take it away, Lottie!

Target is a very dangerous place, my friends. They’ll suck you in with their cute d├ęcor and devour you with their affordable prices. I owe the bedding to my friend Ashley who helped me pair together the ivory quilt, sea-foam bed blanket and charcoal throw. It’s a magical combination. I am oh so in love! 

I never thought I would be a bed tray person, but this has definitely been the best addition to the room! I was convinced by my friend Ashley to get this. She basically said she wouldn’t be my friend anymore if I refused to get it. (Literally, I mentioned to her how I thought it was a little much and she started walking away). Friends don’t let friends leave Target empty-handed, folks.

My roommate found some wooden fruit crates on Craigslist for $3 a piece! It was a steal. So we went a little crate-crazy. The first thing we did with the crates was create a country-chic bookshelf to go in the mini-hallway by my room. It turned out pretty darn good, if you ask me! 

Our apartment came with a built-in office corner and since we didn’t need an office space, we decided to turn it into a coffee bar! One of our goals with the new place was to make it hospitable and welcoming when we had guests. When people ask for something to drink, I wanted to be able to say more than just “uh..water?” This Keurig (which was a birthday gift from my parents) was a God-send in that category. Now we offer water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate…seriously, come visit us sometime and we promise you won’t get dehydrated. Not on our watch.

Use #2 for the crates: a fun entryway! This was another Pinterest-inspired look. (Spoiler alert: we’re not that creative on our own. You’ll see that we used Pinterest for almost everything.) 

Here’s a view of the apartment when you first walk in. This apartment was a major downsize for me and also for my roommate so we had to get rid of A LOT before we moved in. It was kind of nice to declutter though. I’ve moved seven times in the past seven years, but this was by far the biggest overhaul. Out with the old, in with the new, right?

View of the kitchen and dining area. I’m a super big fan of the black appliances. The fridge is quite literally the best fridge I’ve ever been privileged to live with. Also, yes that’s a cat on the dining room chair. I’m slowly learning to become a fan of cats, but that’s a different story. 

At first we thought our gallery wall wasn’t quite finished – like there should be more to it. But we kind of liked the unfinished imperfection of it. It was endearing and very metaphorical to life. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.  

This is our entertainment area where we once again utilized a crate to store all our movies. Not only do we have nearly every movie from the $5 bin at Target, but we also have Hulu plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. We will not be bored, that’s for sure. 

Seriously though, this is a dream come TRUE. I’ve always wanted a cute patio where I can enjoy the beautiful weather day or night, and I’m happy to say that this dream is finally a reality. If you look closely in the reflection, you can see our $20 hammock from Ikea that fit perfectly within the railings. This is by far the best part of the porch. Now I only wish you could see it at night all lit up!

Thanks so much for opening up your space to The Lovely Side, Lottie! Don't forget to check out her website, lovely readers. Happy decorating!

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