Flora Overload (AKA: Is it spring yet?!)

Brace yourselves. I'm about to unleash some seriously saturated flower power. I'm about to go all-out garden-party on you. I've been cooped up for far too long through this snowy, shivering Iowa winter – and the fleeting fifty-degree temps we enjoyed this past weekend gave me some serious spring fever. Don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

(image above: Deer Circus)

Mirth Studio
Apartment Therapy
Shophouse Design
Debi Treloar
Bohemian Homes
Unknown Source :( 
Urban Outfitters
Be still my heart.

I really love floral patterns. Not enough to fill an entire house with everything floral. But enough to do something like above in just one room – a delightful dose of flora. What about you? Can you live with an over-abundance of florals? Or is too much of a good thing, a bad thing?

Florals for you: Yay or Nay?


Camille said...

A big yay from me! :)

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

Woo! A lady after my own floral-patterned heart. ;)

Kev Rob said...

Awesome decoration!!! I wish to behold these pictures & not to turn out my eyes from it... pretty thanks to you... please promote it!!!

Nancy Freeman said...

That first picture of the couch looks just like the couch in my parent's living room! Although it has been faded as long as I can remember and, unfortunately, reupholstered to something much different and much less fun. The cushion also looks like ones that they have. The likeness is seriously uncanny! Do you know anything about that kind of couch? I would be interested to learn the history/time period (if any, I just assume it is a certain style because they are fabric is IDENTICAL and the wood work is quite similar).