NYC Apartment Stylishly Breaks Small Space Rules

This teeny-tiny (300 sq. ft.) apartment in New York City shows that some small space decorating rules are made to be broken.  Like no big furniture in a small room, right?  Well, I love the look of this big white sectional in the little living room. 
And what about not overloading on pattern?  The wallpapered walls look fabulous.  It wall works because the colors and patterns stick to a common color scheme.  And while one piece of furniture may be large, others are kept small and easy-to-move... like the rustic wood coffee table and low-profile black bookcase. 

Keep things minimal in a little space?  I much prefer the gallery of artwork hung around the bed here. Very eclectic and very cool.  Since the bed is kept simple and head-board free, the small bedroom can get away with the statement-making gallery.

The dining room is simpler and more tranquil than the rest of the apartment, letting the fresh green shade on the walls take the spotlight.  Throughout the entire apartment, a combination of black-and-white, lime green, and warm brown tie everything together.

Apartment photos from Wicket47 on Roomzaar.

What do you think?  Could you see yourself inhabiting this big-on-style tiny space?



Sarah said…
Maybe if I didn't have a home based business :-). Love it though!
Lucy said…
This is gorgeous!
I wish I could decorate my room at Uni :')

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Lauren Alyse said…
Omword...wish I could paint my walls SO badly!! I'm in love with that lime green.
Anonymous said…
I already saw some good idea for my dorm room.
so nice! this bed looks super comfy. im not a fan of green walls but it looks great with this deco.
Kaitlyn said…
Love all of those rooms! It looks great! But it also makes me want to avoid ever living in NYC. Growing up in Texas, I was spoiled with space. I can't imagine being that cramped! Yikes!
Unknown said…
Thanks! And I know what you mean! Sometimes things force us to stick to the rules. ;)
Unknown said…
Lucy, you can! Even if your school has thee strictest dorm rules, I'm sure you can find a way to put your own decorative spin on the place. :)
Unknown said…
I wish I could paint mine too! Color on the wall makes such a difference, doesn't it?
Unknown said…
I'm usually not crazy with green walls either, but this crisp apple green just works! Don't know if I could live with it for long though... I like to change colors A LOT.
Unknown said…
I can't imagine living in NYC either! I thought dorms were bad... some NYC apartments are tinier!
Kaitlyn said…
Exactly! Dorm life is fun, but mostly because you know it's temporary and "part of the college experience". I loved living in the dorm. But as a "grown up", no way!
Most people love nature and like to be surrounded by such pieces at their homes also which gives their home a unique and artistic look. Since now it is regarded as very posh and classy to have such pieces, not everyone can afford it. Rustic furniture not only gives your home a look of nature but also a comfortable and cozy look. Great pics!
I love how the frames are imperfectly arranged. Imperfectly perfect!
all rooms are decorated with lovely and pleasant decor. Lime green color gives a nature theme for nature loving people .
Great little apartment with brilliant style ideas!