Organized Desktops Roundup

Industrial file bins organize papers.  Mismatched cups keep pencils and paintbrushes at bay.

Small vintage suitcases store art supplies.  An antique Canada Dry crate keeps paper neat.  Adorable vintage tins hide clutter out-of-sight.  

Color-coordinated bins, boxes, and trays keep everything about this modern secretary neat and tidy.  

Storage slots on the wall leave lots of open space on the desktop.  

Numbered magazine files store not only glossy-paged goodness, but also notebooks and paper.

This shabby chic desktop organizer keeps the workspace as tidy as it is lovely.

A simple file organizer, built-in sorting slots, and a do-it-yourself rotating tins for writing utensils organize this small space deskspace. 

Stay tuned for my desktop organization project!



Christiani Manullang said...

I like the idea how to organize those things. I really need something like this.
Unfortunately, the dorm room/apartment in my country is different. Most dorm rooms are very boring,the owner of the house is not allowing the students to decorated/change the color of the wall,or bring lot of stuffs.
anyway, thank you for the idea! I love this blog! :D

Chrystina said...

Where does one find old school tiny suitcases?

That Girl said...

this is ADORABLE. i love the idea of storing all the desk-things on the wall. my desk is always so cluttered and it just makes me want to hyperventilate. oh well.

and chrystina, check out salvation army or goodwill. they have all kinds of random old things, and they're really cheap.