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10 Picnics + What to Wear on Them

With summer, blue skies, and gorgeous weather here... I can't help but fantasize about going on a picnic.  I have a lovely little picnic basket that just hasn't gotten the use it deserves.  As of today, nobody in my life is safe from the possibility of a picnic.  Spreading out a blanket, sitting outside, talking, eating, drinking, and being merry... picnics are perfect for dates, friends, family, or even just yourself.  So here are my top ten picnic ideas and what I'd want to wear on them.  Let me know which one you'd like most to go on!

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Blame it on the Iowa girl in me, but there's just something about country fields, a golden sunset, and wide open skies.  The Midwest is beautiful territory.  Imagine driving down a long dirt road until there are no (or few) power lines in sight.  Spreading out a cozy flannel blanket.  Unpacking a simple basket of sandwiches, chips, and lemonade.  Wearing perfectly worn-out bootcut jeans, mocs, a white blouse, and feather earrings.    Summery beauty of just bronzer and Burt's Bees.  A sweet honeysuckle perfume.  And brown aviators.  The only thing that would complete this idyllic picture would be a suntanned country boy who preferably looks a little like Keith Urban. ;)

Or maybe instead of open fields, you could steal away to the edge of the woods.  Spread out a heavy wool blanket and pack a picnic full of campfire basics: marshmellows, graham crackers, Hersey's bars, hot dogs, and more.  Dress simple and woodsy in a pair of distressed light-wash jeans, flirty coral tank, lightweight cardigan, turquoise jewelry, and flats comfy enough in case an adventure should come up.  Keep makeup light, lips glossy in the firelight, face bronzed, and lashes long.  Some grayish taupe nail polish and light fragrance adds just enough of a girly touch to the outdoorsy experience.  

Maybe you're a city slicker without access to the wilderness---or maybe you just despise the mosquitoes.  So get dolled up in a pretty mint green dress belted with a brown belt.  Wear it with tall but comfy wedges, a matching necklace, and bucket-style straw hat.  Coat your lashes with mascara and swipe on some bright red lipstick.  Hit the town in style with a light picnic lunch to be eaten on a park bench while people-watching from behind big, retro sunglasses.

Near a beach?  Spread out a luxuriously soft blanket over the sand and settle down for a light picnic supper of sandwiches, fruit, and maybe a little bubbly.  Worn cut-offs, a pretty tank, flip flops and lightweight cover-up make for an effortlessly stylish outfit that can handle a little splashing around in the tide.  Accessorize with a dainty gold necklace and big sunglasses.  Be sure to slick on sunscreen, tasty lip balm, and a spritz of lovely perfume like Burberry Body.  Paint your nails a sand-inspired shade of greige.  

For a more old-fashioned expedition, retreat into a manicured garden with a plush pastel blanket and picnic basket full of delicate finger-foods and desserts.  Girly up with a flowy sundress and shoes in an opposite color.  Keep makeup fresh and blushing---lots of pinky corals on your cheeks and lips.  Feminine accessories like pearl jewelry and pink shades complete the lovely scene.

Escape to the rooftop for this romantic picnic.  Sleek dark blue bootcut jeans streamline your bottom half all the way down to sparkly gold sandals.  On top wear a simple white tank and flowy sheer blouse with a vintage timepiece necklace.  Brush on a bit of bronzer and wear a golden-rosy lipstick.  Bread, cheese, and a good bottle of wine make for a classy evening enjoying the skyline.

If you don't have the ocean, hit up the lake.  Spread your blanket out at the edge of the dock.  (Or better yet, rent a small boat!)  Worn cut-off shorts, a bright turquoise top, leather jewelry, and a cozy cardigan ensure you're all sorts of summery lovely.  Wear sunscreen, bronzer, tasty chapstick, and a splash of fresh perfume.  Pack a delicious picnic that you can enjoy on the water as the sunsets.  

Picnics aren't just for lazy afternoons or sunsets.  Head out after nightfall with a plush comforter for a blanket, basket full of midnight snacks and wine, and a few lanterns with candles.  Spread out on top of a hill where city lights don't interfere with a starry night's sky. Wear a sleek pair of skinnies, black tank, comfy flats, and gray cardigan.  Paint nails an unexpected shade of merlot and be sure to wear a good-scented bug repellent.  Dark nights are perfect for a smokey eye.  Keep lips soft and natural with a balm.  You're all set to watch for shooting stars!

You may have trouble dragging a boy on this picnic more than you would the others.  But a tea-for-two picnic is perfect for you and a good girlfriend.  Wear a pretty frock, floral flats, and pearls.  Keep makeup pink and fresh, perfume flowery.  Spread out your blanket, pour some tea, snack of some bite-sized desserts, and indulge in some girl talk. 

So the rain spoiled your picnic plans?  :(  Spread out your blanket in the living room or bedroom!  Rent a movie!  And have an indoor picnic!  You can wear whatever you want and eat whatever you want.  But don't compromise on the picnic part: spread out the blanket, pack the picnic basket, and cozy up for a comfy night in.  

Which picnic do you want to go on?



Megan said…
I can never pass up a good campfire! :) But I love how you included options for city slickers, too; so creative.
Camille said…
Ah! They all sound lovely! I think maybe campfire or tea party would be my fav, or maybe at the beach... haha! I love picnics! What a great post! :)
Unknown said…
I love picnicking! Beautiful outfits:)
Zo.Ink said…
Do you know which brands the clothing pieces are? Madly in love with some of those shirts and the mint dress. (And camp fires, all the way. The mosquitos might be annoying, but once you're sitting close enough to toast some marshmellows, the smoke tends to keep them away!) Of course, if the woods are in short supply, I'd be up for a rooftop pinic adventure.
katiecatherine said…
yes yes what brands! I agree you picked out some great stuff!
Allison said…
I love the rooftop one!
Anonymous said…
They all seem magical - the campfire and farm fields picnics are particularly enticing for my inner country girl though. Gorgeous've definitely inspired some lovely summer adventures.
Anonymous said…
Great post!
emlocke said…
These themed collections make me think of the American Girl dolls and their different birthday party or school attire and accessories. Nicely done!
I like the rooftop, living room, stargazing, campfire & shoreline picnics. The fashion I'd pick the rooftop but pair mine with heels :-) This was such a creative and fun post. You put a lot of time in these & had my imagination goin...
Anonymous said…
I want shoreline or farm fields! This post was just amazing! I can tell you put so much thought an effort in putting all these collections together. I just kept scrolling down thinking "she can't possibly have anymore picnic ideas." haha. This is one of my favorite posts ever.
jen_nerd said…
Wow, these are all so great. I'd plan to have one of each of these nights. I love a great riddle or fairytale. My imagination lies behind the bush, I personally love the secret garden. I can possibly go out looking for a white rabbit while finding the secret door. ^_<
Anonymous said…
I would love to know all the names of the perfumes/scents you posted. Can you please list them all? Thank you!
Unknown said…
Finally! I could wear skinny jeans and attend to picnic gatherings! Good thing my friend accompanied me to coolsculpting in new york .
Unknown said…
My friends and I just had our fun picnic yesterday! I’m in charge of the food that’s why I consulted first my dietician in long island weight loss center for some healthy foods.
Anonymous said…
These are all such great ideas! The outfits you put together are just lovely. I can't wait for my next picnic :)
Anonymous said…
I loved these outfit to put together on the pictures so I can see the pictures to show it. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend!
Great sets! I'm considering to select one of them.


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