Butler's Pantry Project | Part II: Priming, Painting, and Decorating

Hello again! Recently, I posted about peeling wallpaper and picking paint colors for our butler's pantry. Two weeks later... all the wallpaper is gone, the plaster walls repaired, the room primed and painted, and the little space pretty much decorated. :)

Here's a little reminder of the paint color I chose. "Believe Me" from Clark + Kensington. (I had Menards color match and mix it for me.) 

Since the space is small and hard for two people to work in at once, G mostly took on this project—while I sipped on wine and gleefully took pictures. Like above, pointing to the pantry as the primer went on the walls. 

Here's the room all primed. It's not super true-to-color here. 1) It's just tinted primer. 2) It's pretty dim in there. 

At night and lit by just the overhead antique fixture, the color's a bit sage-y. But in the day when sunlight streams in, it's a beautiful, fresh green with a tinge of blue—almost-but-not-quite mint.

For about ten minutes, I toyed around with the idea of putting a bulletin board back up in the space. And maybe painting it. Red? Cream? Same as the wall color? Black chalkboard paint? I couldn't decide. 

So I sat in the living room and debated it for a while. Then, the copper wall decor in our living room caught my eye. Perfect.

The copper wall hangings are actually just two old metal wall decor things I bought from Hobby Lobby long ago and spray painted copper. I love how they match the copper chair, pick up coppery tones in the cabinetry, and contrast with the wall color. 

Since that last photo, I've also already made a few tweaks to the coffee bar. I found a black wire basket at Target for just $5—it's perfect for corralling my many mason jars of different coffees. Also at Target, I found the cute little white plate that says "Thanks a Latte." It's the perfect place to put down my spoon after stirring coffee. 

Here's a little before / after for comparison. On the left, the butler's pantry was truly a catch-all—with a cat litter box underneath, which was actually hidden by a curtain not shown in this particular photo. On the right, the butler's pantry is now the prettiest little room in this house. :) I'm super happy with how it turned out.

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