Poster: The Architecture of American Houses

My love for home goes beyond just interiors. Ever since I was little, I've entertained a sort of fascination with exteriors, too – specifically, types of houses. I had a 3D-Home Architect CD-ROM (do those even exist anymore?) that I'd "play" on for hours. I'd track down floor plans of Victorian Queen Annes, craftsman bungalows, and brownstone rowhouses. I'd "build" them in the 3D Home Architect program, then go on to add wall color, floor materials, and arrange furniture. I was obsessed.

Nowadays, I really pay attention to the house I pass. Based on where the windows are or general knowledge of the house, I can usually guess at the layout of rooms, stairways, etc. It's kind of a fun game, though I don't get to actually go into the house and see if I was right. While driving with the boyfriend, I often spout off "Look at that gorgeous Italianate!" or "Oh, I want a turret like that!" or "I bet that bungalow has some awesome built-in bookcases." I'm a nerd like that.

So anyway, when I stumbled upon this new poster The Architecture of American Houses, I kinda sorta fell in love. Not only does it group house styles by their general type (Colonial Revival, Queen Anne, Prairie, etc.), but it also further categorizes them based on architectural features. *Swoon*

I want this poster framed on my wall because I just can't stop looking at it and loving it.

You can order one for yourself here.

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