Thrifted Finds: Old Screen, Eclectic Vinyl, and a Makeover Chair

I'm all about those bargains. Here's what I thrifted in the last couple weeks.

Vintage Cane-Back Chair ($10)

I was almost out of Goodwill when I spotted this cane-back beauty. This sturdy chair has good bones and is quite comfy. I've been on the hunt for a piece to makeover with a certain DIY in mind, so stay tuned for this chair's makeover.

The chair would be great for writing/blogging -- it's that comfy! But I'm not sure about the proportions with my writing desk. The chair feels a little large, but we'll see once I'm done with the DIY makeover. I might be able to make it work. Or the chair might end up in my living room. :)

Frame (.88) + College Admissions Brochure ($1)

I subscribe to Goodwill's weekly deal emails. And if frames are 50% off, you can bet I'm hitting up the store after work. It's a great way to score cheap frames for my gallery wall, like this basic black one. I used it to frame an old Iowa State University brochure from the 1920's. It was a fun find since I went to ISU and my day job is writing enrollment and recruitment materials for colleges. :)

Silky Summer Robe ($5)

I couldn't pass up this silky, feminine robe. I've deemed it my new writing, blogging, wine-drinking, Netflix-binge robe. :)

Vintage Window Screen ($11)

I've been stalking Craigslist for old screens for months now -- wanting to score one for some sort of project. But I'm just not willing to pay more than $20 for an old screen.

Recently, the bf and I stopped into The Copper Alligator, one of my favorite vintage stores in the Czech Village, on our way to a brewery. This screen with its aged green patina was marked $22 and half-off. It's now hanging in my bedroom and I'm working on shaping some tiny S-hooks out of wire so that I can hang my jewelry out of cats' reach. ;)

It's four feet tall! I can't wait to get all my jewelry hung up here.

Records ($1/each)

Last but certainly not least, I cannot leave Goodwill without flipping through the giant bin of records. The bf and I nabbed these at our most recent visit. I like to listen to the classical, Rome-inspired music while cooking and drinking wine. We're stoked to have our own Oktoberfest tunes to play while drinking from das boot and pretending we're at one of our favorite German bier halls or Oktoberfest festivals. And the collection of songs from the 1930's is soooo much fun to listen to when I'm cleaning and just briggling around my apartment. :) 

What have you recently found at thrift stores?

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