How should I decorate the dining room with this table?

Our dining room is huge. Our dining table set was little. So I've been on the hunt for a nice, big dining table that will not only look more proportionate in our dining room, but also provide better seating for occasional dinner guests. (Let's be honest: G and I eat most of our meals on the couch.)

I found the above table on Craigslist for just $100! It's currently flipped over as we're re-gluing the legs for stability (the half hour truck ride jostled them loose). So it's hard to see that the top is stained a nice dark wood tone—like our trim! The rest is painted a crisp, bright white. And don't those unique legs make a statement?! I can't wait to get this thing flipped over!

There we go! I'm going to get a bigger, lighter rug (maybe a simple jute)—or just go sans rug. The chairs that are currently there won't be staying. They're part of a set and belong with the small table we'll be selling. 

Side note: This was one of those Craigslist transactions that restores my faith in Craigslist—and humanity in general. The sellers were a lovely couple who just didn't have room for this big piece in their new house. They were adorable and super nice to chat with while we loaded up. It was her mom who refinished the table about a year ago—and she even sent me home with a big mason jar of the original white paint in case I ever need to do touch-ups. Again, soooo nice. :)

Anyway, now I'm trying to figure out how I want to decorate the dining room. What kind of chairs do I want? Which colors do I want to incorporate? What about curtains and accessories? Decisions, decisions!

So, while I'll probably shop around until the perfect chairs (or perfect bargain) strikes me... I came up with a few options that I'm currently entertaining as I periodically turn away from my desk and glance back at the dining room. I'd love your insight and ideas!

Option 1: Cottage Chic
I'd hunt down four similar but different antique chairs, plus a bench and paint them all the same color or a very similar color. Sheer curtains would lighten up the space and a lack of too many colors would really let the table, chairs, and dining room shine. I'd just have to choose a color of chairs that I can live with for a while—and that works with the blue tile in the built-in china cabinet. (Or, I may just repaint the chairs every so often.)

Option 2: Rustic Victorian
I'd buy one style of chair, in two colors—one all wood, one two-tone white and wood like the table. I'd also throw in a dark wood bench. I'd want all the wood tones to be similar, but subtly different. Curtains would be neutral with a subtle geometric pattern or stripe. I love the idea of a totally neutral room, but that's what I'm struggling with. (I decorate with a lot of color!) But one of the upsides of this route would be that I could bring in different colors through accessories and switch things up based on my mood or the season.

Option 3: Boho Eclectic
This is probably the closest look to every other room in my house. (I'm a decorating creature of very bohemian, eclectic habits.) I'd go with bright white chairs to match the bright white of the table—all one style, something simple like a cross-back. I'd choose curtains and accessories in a bold cobalt to match the built-in's tile—and accent with other colors like red and yellow gold or fuchsia and green.

Option 4: Vintage Industrial
This is another neutral, but I'd keep it neutral. Instead of playing with color, I'd be playing with different shades of brown and metallics like gunmetal, copper, bronze, and gold. This one is kind of inspired by servants' dining rooms in grand houses like Downton Abbey. I like the idea of blending in a lot of gray and black, too, to work with some of the beer-themed decor we'd like to incorporate.

Things to keep in mind:
There are certain things that just have to stay in the dining room. For instance, there's a built-in wood china cabinet that separates this room from the butler's pantry. The wood is very neutral, but the tile is cobalt blue. It's lovely, but it's not usually a color I decorate with. But it will be staying (at least for a few years), so I'm going to work with it. The lighting is an antique pan light similar to the one in the inspiration board above. There's dark floor and window trim, medium-toned wood flooring, and two antique gold radiators. My bar cart is a similar gold. And this is the only room that can accommodate G's keezer, where we keep his homebrew—and it's so awesome to have fresh beer on tap right there in the dining room. We'll also have an antique beer crate and vintage beer signs. I'm thinking of using my antler candle sticks on the dining table, too.

So what do you think? Which is your favorite? Do you have any other ideas? :)


Jeff said...

Hmm I like option 2, in my opinion it fits in with the rest of your furniture. But that is just my opnion :)

Teresa said...

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