Bedroom Out of a Box

You landed your dream internship.  Problem is... you have to pack up and move five or more hours from home or your current apartment for 10 weeks.  Relocating is stressful, especially if it's just for the summer and you have to move again come August.  Just because you have to pack light doesn't mean you have to sacrifice decor.  

Imagine this space as a simple studio apartment.  For a short summer internship, you probably won't need more than a bed to crash into at night.  A vintage bed like this one is easy to take apart and is light enough to transport on your own.  You probably wont' need the big surf board or skate board.  Leave most of your decorative accessories at home to avoid clutter.   Decorate your walls with clippings from magazines you buy or favorite photos.  Additionally, a chair is easier to bring with you than a heavy nightstand.  Plus, it'll serve double-duty as a place to sit.

Whether you're in a temp apartment or a school-year-long lease, here are some decor ideas to ditto:

1. First of all, check out how neutral it is.  White walls.  This could be any white-walled dorm or apartment.  Granted, we aren't all lucky enough to have high ceiling, parquet floors and a vintage fireplace mantle... but focus on the fact that this room is colorful without having to paint the walls.  And that, my lovely undergrads, gives us renters hope!

2. Your bed is the focus of your bedroom.  Amp it up!  Vintage headboards/footboards/frames are not hard to come by.  Keep your eyes open at thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops, garage sales and your grandparents' attic.  If it's got great color like this one, keep it at is.  If it's too beat up or not colorful enough, spray paint works wonders.  Dress up your bed with the loveliest bedding possible.  Florals are everywhere right now.  If you feel like splurging, check out Anthropologie.  Go half-way with Urban Outfitters.  Or even hit up your local Target.

Anthropologie's Laelia Quilt is swoon-worthy, no?

3.  Don't be afraid to mismatch.  One of the ideas I really love from this room is the mismatched curtains.  It gives the room an eclectic, somewhat bohemian vibe.  Look for different colors and patterns, but sticking to patterns of similar size will look best.  The colors and patterns of these curtains are different, but the overall scale of the prints are quite similar.  Blue and green are also close neighbors on the color wheel, so it makes mixing patterns a little easier.  But if you're feeling adventurous and risky and feel like opposing turquoise and hot pink... I say "Go for it!" 

4.  Creative chaos.  Who knew a little bit of mess could be a design statement?  Messiness is creeping into decor in quiet corners... like how the photos and magazine clippings are haphazardly posted on the wall above the bed.  It's creative, visually appealing and way more interesting than a neat little grid would be.

5.  Think outside the nightstand.  As college students, we're often short on money.  If you don't have a bedside table, but inherited one of Aunt Vickie's extra dining chairs... use it!  Get creative with your furnishings.  Use what you have before spending money on something you don't really need.  Besides, chairs next to the bed made a very cool statement, especially if it's vintage or painted a fun, bright color!
For Lovely Undergrad's post on more alternative nightstand ideas, click here!! (Image via: Apartment Therapy)
6.  Grow something.  Plants and flowers instantly living up a space.  Can't keep a cute little plant like the one in this room alive?  Opt for a succulent---they don't need watered very much and are hard to kill.  (Great for girls like me who don't have a green thumb!)

Hope you got lots of good ideas from this space!  I know I did--I can't wait to find some lovely patterned curtains to mismatch. ;)



StarryLovely said...

oh my gosh. I love the ideas in this post. Especially as I am looking to redecorate my dorm as soon as I move back in in August. I've been doing a mostly white theme, and this post makes me want to have lots of color. But could you tell me where you found the pink/gray striped blanket in the first image? I love that pattern!
Thanks so much!

Dale said...

Thanks for these different bedrooms that you've posted. These decorations are definitely nice.

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Florence Carole said...

This post reminds me of my dorm room. I applied the "creative chaos" tip, with not only magazine clippings but also photographs. Not that much furniture in my room, just a bookshelf and my bed.

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Chris said...

These are nice suggestions. Moving to an apartment should not be that difficult if you only learn how to be more creative and smart in choosing and arranging the furniture you will bring in.

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manhattan movers said...

Pack up items that you only need. A few extra decor won't hurt too.

hand planes said...

The wooden floor for me creates that country home feeling, but the colors still display a youthful mood of the room.

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I had plans to paint my small apartment's wall white, but one of my colleagues stopped me. She told me that I should get decorating tips from our office - from the choice of furniture to the color of the wall. I chose a vibrant red wall color, just like our office, to stimulate the adrenaline production in the body.

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I really like the design on your bed sheet. I think we have the same taste.

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I like the concept of this design. It is a dream bedroom concept. It will go for adults and adolescent roomers.

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I love the style of the room on the last photo. It's very refreshing. The color is simply amazing and cooling to the eyes. I really love to have a bedroom just like that. Wallpapers simply compliment with the bed sheets and other things in the room.

Dreatori Alexis said...

Dress up your bed with the loveliest bedding possible. Florals are everywhere right now. Another great idea is to get a wallpaper filled with designs of leaves.
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Anita said...

The color used on the last photo is perfect. I love the idea of making it a very refreshing bedroom. I would love to have a bedroom that has a simple yet very compelling design.


Stacey Bourne said...

Thanks for these decor ideas. I would agree, decorate your walls with clippings from magazines you buy or favorite photos. I did it to my room..:)

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Home Extensions Perth said...

Nice idea...Thank you very much...