In need of a hunk?

I'd fancy watching this guy lift and move my boxes!
So I'm getting ready to move from my teeny-tiny university-owned apartment into a nice house with two other girls.  (I'm soooo excited!)  And I know, I know--I never got around to posting pics of my current place.  I promise, they will be up by the end of next week.  Also, this time around I'm going to take before and after pictures... especially since I get to actually paint my room in the house!  Yes, I said paint!!

But amid this mess called moving, I'm sure many of you are suffering or about to suffer the woes of packing and moving out and moving in and unpacking.  (Oh, what a vicious cycle.)  Fortunately, I have the rare luxury of several weeks to little-by-little move my stuff into the new place.  Still, I long for the strong arms of a boy (or several) to help me in this process... especially now that I'm boyfriend-less.  And I was thinking that it would be a completely brilliant idea for someone to start a company in which people can hire young, virile college boys to help haul boxes.  Then I remembered some blurb in Cosmo or something about that already being a company.

College Hunks Hauling Junk.  I couldn't have thought of a better name myself.  Unfortunately, the company hasn't branched out to Iowa.  So instead I'll resort to moving the stuff little-by-little by myself... and promise pizza and beer to any young gents willing to lend a hand with the big stuff.

Happy Friday, lovelies!



NancyU said...

You're right, college hunks hauling junk is a great name!

Leah said...

That is a great idea- what a name! I'm moving this weekend and I'd love for them to help me! :P