For My Office: 10 Ginormous, Inspiring Inspiration Boards

For as long as I can remember, an inspiration board over my desk has been a staple. It's an absolutely necessary place for me to pin up bits of inspiration for everything from blogging and decorating to working on novels. 

Pictured above is what my desk looks like right now. I covered some extra plywood with removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper, then taped up a few inspiring prints. On the right side of the desk is an old piece of corkboard painted with chalkboard paint. For now, I'm writing lovely little phrases on it, but I can pin things up if I desire.

It's working. For now. There's visually stimulating patterns and inspiring words to look up at, but I need more. I need a ginormous inspiration board. And these are some that I'm digging:

 I love how this one is big, simple, and white (cork and frame)... though mine probably won't be that cluttered. (Ms. Madelyn

Mine also won't be this blank, but I love the color and the tacks all the way around. (Cottage & Vine)

Together, four standard size bulletin boards make up one inspiration wall. I do like that they're color coordinated. I could use one board for writing, one for blogging, one for decorating, etc. (Glitter Guide)

Oooh. I'm planning on putting mine over my desk, but I adore this one over a bookcase. (Style Me Pretty

I definitely don't want the natural cork color in my office – I think it'll go weird with the green walls. However, this is kinda what I'm considering. Cork wall, but painted. (Apartment Therapy)

I love this desk space. It's so me: all the clutter visual inspiration. I suppose if I don't find or make a massive board for a decent price, I could do two large ones. (House Beautiful)

Pretty. This one is simply pretty. I love the size – so much pinning space! I also love that the color matches the walls and kinda fades into the background with it, except it doesn't because of those darling tacks around the border. I also like that it's positioned below the furniture instead of several inches above. (Handmade Mood)

Ahh, here we have another big wall of cork. I love it. (Domino)

So much gorgeous going on in this photo. It's a little more frill than I want for my office, but I have to take a moment to admire and appreciate all the femininity and vintage chic going on here. I love the charcoal color, too. It really lets the pins pip. (The Willows Home and Garden)

Which of these BIG inspirations boards is your favorite?

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Anonymous said...

FYI: If you do go the "large wall of cork" route (which I love!), these links might save you some time and frustration. Sherry and John from Young House Love did this for their daughter's art work and had some trouble getting the cork to stick to the wall. 1st link is their original directions, and the 2nd is the way they corrected the cork-falling-off-the-wall problem. Hope this helps!



-Julie @ The Crafty Grad