5 Under $50: Opulent Teal Items for Your Apartment

If you see what I wear on a daily basis or step foot into my apartment, it doesn't take long to figure out that my favorite color is turquoise. Not that light Caribbean turquoise, but a bold rich medium teal. My love affair with turquoise goes way back and I wholeheartedly believe that every room needs a little splash of it. For me, this color isn't a trend. It's a classic.

Above, I rounded up a few lovely items featuring this luxurious shade of greenish blue. Like that gorgeous candle – I can only imagine how that cut glass shimmer and sparkles in candlelight! And those agate coasters, which would look darling beneath my vintage Moroccan gold whiskey glasses. The luxe silk pillow would add a punch of aquamarine to any sofa or chair begging for some color. There's something whimsical that I just adore about that watercolor painting print. And who can resist a little white fox sleeping atop that dark teal bowl?

Which item would you most like to nab for your apartment?

To shop for items in this round-up, check out the original Polyvore set here.

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1 comment:

Amy Lou said...

My favorite color is purple but turquoise/teal is a very close second!